SONG REVIEW A life is worth a million stars By Riasat Raihan

Linkin Park, I believe is the only band that was successful to left gravity in the childhood of current young generation. This band is so massively monumental in our lives mostly because we passed our pre-teen years listening to them. Besides, it goes without saying that the untimely demise of Chester Bennington, the front-man of the band just after the release of their latest album shook the entire world.


‘One More Light’ is the seventh studio album of this American alternative-rock band, Linkin Park. This particular band was able to create something out of the box of the then rock music when they first entered the music scene, treading a new ground with a fusion of several genres. But, the version of Linkin Park heard in its latest album is entirely unrecognisable. The band no longer resembles the nu-metal/rap hybrid that helped define a chunk of the early 2000s in any form. The band flirted with EDM and pop before, notably in A Thousand Suns in 2010, but the sugary hooks, booming synths and lucid inspirational lyrics mark a drastic reinvention for a band who, even at their nadir, always retained their identity.

But the title track, One More Light of this latest album has a very different yet soothing touch. Even though it is a hauntingly beautiful and kind of the most emotionally heavy song, this song also has a uplifting title in my opinion. The lyrics portray an example of life, which is a series of events that are challenging. The perspective of the song feels like trying to turn these ordeals into adventures.

Following the tragic suicide of Chester Bennington on July 20, Linkin Park released a music video of this song as a tribute to their fallen star. The visual features clips from the band’s history spliced in with footage from their 2017 world tour. The incredibly emotional video depicts not only some of our biggest fears, but it enabled us to use our goodwill to bring some light to people that need it.

This song is written for us, for all of us. The softheartedness of this track deals with the loss of a loved one which is the hardest thing someone has to ever go through. The emotions, the pain that is felt is unbearable, but it makes us human. The song makes us understand that we’re all a ‘light’ to someone else. In a world where it’s so easy to forget about ourselves, Linkin Park reminds us that we are all human in ‘One More Light.’ When all is falling down, ‘One More Light’ will remind us that someone will always be there for us. There’s no stronger message than that.


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