Entertainment unlimited!

We need a break from our everyday. For some spending time in facebook is refreshing, for others reading a book in the silent corner of the house is fun. New Age Youth asked students about their entertainment.


What is entertainment for you?



Adrita Roy

Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College

Life will be boring without any form of entertainment. Everyone has various definitions of entertainment. For me, entertainment means letting myself imagine different characters through reading story books, listening to music and drawing and watching movies. Books help me to travel mentally which keeps me entertained. And music is life to almost everyone; it kind of soothes our souls. Then there’s drawing which really intrigues me, and I’m able to capture people’s expression which is really fun. Watching movie is my favourite entertainment. It helps us to view many things in from a number of different angles. Also, now-a-days, facebooking has been added to the list of entertainment to many people. It can be entertainment but to a limit. The most exciting entertainment for the kids and also for me is playing different types of board games. It bonds our relation with each other and also gives us pleasures. Not everyone’s meaning of entertainment is same but it must be a way to feel alive for each of us.



Al Kaviul Sarker Tanzim

University of Rajshahi

For me entertainment is to remain far away from any sort of virtual networking system and above any sort of human bondage to realise the growth of myself in the contrast of the creations of ‘almighty’ by enjoying the serenity of the nature being as close as possible. It provides me a scope to nurture my insight as well as intelligence. Because in solidarity with the nature, what I believe is, a person starts learning the silent language by observing and the secrets of life through meditations. Then all the liberal thoughts come into our mind like butterflies. Last January; when I was on a tour to the Saint Martin’s Island, I didn’t miss the chance to take a walk all alone at that very late hour of the night, down the shore, through the chorals, during the twilight along with the ebb-tide. The sky was so clean and full of stars. It seemed I was so close to the sky. That night I discovered my presence in a new way and might be for a new reason. The blows and the tides reminded me my importance praising my presence. It seemed I was playing in my innocence with my thoughts and imaginations in the lap of nature being a part of it and I was nurtured like a baby both by the sand and the foam. To feel this whole essence is the ultimate bliss to me and this is entertainment to me.



Sabree Saberin Ava
University of Asia Pacific

Entertainment, it covers the activities which enable people to have joyful time and helps them relax. Moreover, it means all kinds of activities that people love to do in their leisure time.
I have always been keen on sketching since my childhood. My mother says that even when I was toddler, I used to scribble randomly on the floor and walls of our house with pen and colored pencils. Now, sketching has become my one and only source of entertainment. I always devoted a couple of hours every day to sketching. Few days ago a report was broadcasted on Independent TV about my ‘3D sketch’. Two online news portals have published articles about my work. I never felt such pleasure in my life before.  When I first began sketching, and started developing interest in it, I had never thought that it would turn out to become such a huge passion of mine!

Samia Chowdhury

Eden College

Among my busy days when I get some leisure, I prefer to travel. Yes, traveling is entertaining to me. Traveling means meeting with new people, knowing different culture, trying new foods, new road, clicking on camera to capture every moments of joy and a feeling of adventure. Basically I make short tours, usually the day long ones, as I get only Friday as my break in the whole week. Srimangal, Sonargaon, Moinot Ghat, Comilla Kotbari, Dia bari, Padmar Chor and many more places can be traveled within a single day. Travelling makes me feel like a storyteller, more modest and aware of me.



Sofia Kamal

United International University
I love to do creative works as a form of entertainment. I like to recycle broken thing to make it useful, I simply love the idea of re-using something rather than throwing it off.  Besides I like to paint pictures, watching movies and watching videos from YouTube to make my skills better. Now I am thinking to convert my entertainment as a profession. Because I believe, I can do something really good if I choose my creative work as a profession. By this way, my work will be enjoyable which might help me to achieve something really nice.


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