A day with BD K-Family…!

Tina Zahan, co-founder of BD K- Family writes about her initiative of spreading Korean culture in Bangladesh.


Like last year, BD K-Family — the first and only Korean culture community of Bangladesh, has successfully organised ‘BD Korean Festival 2017’, which has been bigger and better than ever with more than five thousand visitors. The festival was held on October 6 in Tokyo Square Convention Center. The organisers Tashnuva Zahan, Tina Zahan and Saiful Islam made sure that there were no drawbacks in the event with several attractions related to the culture of South Korea. One of the visitors said ‘It’s a blessing that I came across BD K-Family. Everyone is so nice and I meet so many people who share the same interests as me. It’s like a one big family where unity comes before anything else’.

BD K-Family has solely organised several successful events and ‘BD Korean Festival’ is one of their most awaited event of the year. ‘BD K-Family’ is the first South Korean Culture Community of Bangladesh which has been actively promoting Korean culture since 2010. The community first started off with five members in 2010, which has now increased into more than five thousand members. Tashnuva Zahan, Tina Zahan and Saiful Islam acts as key members of the community. Many volunteers, admin officers and editors are working with them to spread the culture here in Bangladesh. After six years of hard work, now BD K-Family is successful in promoting Korean culture and gained fame and recognition throughout the country. Many professional young dancers of Bangladesh are working with BD K-Family to spread the love and passion of K-Pop through their dancing. They have a Facebook page which has all the latest news about Korean Drama, K-pop and Korean Cuisine with recipe so that all the members can stay updated with the latest news and can get a broad idea of what South Korean Culture is.

BDKFest (3)

BD K-Family’s main goal has always been to spread Korean culture here in Bangladesh. Currently, they are planning to bring a famous band of South Korea here in Bangladesh as the public demand is increasing day by day.

Many young and talented performers took part in this annual festival. As part of the event, a competition was also held in which Ahnaf Shahriar Nuan was the winner. ‘The Serpents’ is the first runner-up and ‘Lost Dynasty’ earned the second runner-up position. The winner and runner-ups took trophies, prize money and certificates. There was also an art competition where more than three hundred submissions came and among them only few of the selected arts were featured on the event’s day. In the painting competition, Md Abdul Kaium managed to secure the top spot. The event had other fun-filled sections such as cos-play, cutout giveaways, stalls and booths selling Korean food, merchandises, Korean traditional clothing, fun drinks, bakery, t-shirts and more. LG Mobile being the main sponsor of the festival had a special booth where exciting fun games with special offers were available only for the visitors.

On October 6, the festival began in early afternoon with a special performance by the co-founder of BD K-Family, Tina Zahan followed by the opening remarks of the chief guest, the managing director of LG Electronics Bangladesh, Edward Kim, The chief guest was pleasantly surprised to see such response here in Bangladesh. Later, the founder and president of BD K-Family, Tashnuva Zahan Islam and Saiful Islam gave speech about their experience. The competitions started afterward. It was a daylong fun event where everyone enjoyed and had a memorable experience of something new and outstanding.

Tina Zahan is co-founder of BD K- Family.

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