#me too

Social media platforms are becoming the voice for thousands. This platform often becomes the voice of resistance. Currently, this platform has showcased a resistance against sexual harassment through a hashtag #me too.  New Age youth asked young people about this trending hashtag.

What are your thoughts on current trend of #metoo?


Adrita Roy Birshreshtha

Noor Mohammad Public College

Various types of trending hashtags had been going on the social sites for many days. Recently there’s been a hashtag ‘#MeToo’ which has grabbed our attention. It’s more active on Twitter than any other social media platforms. It’s a good trend which is helping people around the world and raising awareness about certain injustice in our society. People are sharing their personal and inspirational stories to make others aware and to inspire them through using the hashtag ‘#MeToo’. As an example, I saw a tweet on Twitter while I was doing some research on the specific hashtag and I found a girl saying she was not comfortable sharing her personal experience but seeing everyone sharing their stories on Twitter by using the hashtag she somehow got brave and now she has been inspired to move on and fight against the discrimination and injustice that victimised her. Most of the people are sharing their story through ‘#MeToo’ on the social sites and also inspiring others by doing so. So I think this ‘#MeToo’ hashtag is really inspiring and useful for many people who are afraid to share their personal experiences that has affected them with the world. And it is also inspiring many to fight against evil. It can be said that, the power of social media nowadays can’t be denied in any way.


Samia chowdhury

Eden College

#metoo is a social media movement to denounce sexual assault against any people, especially women. Sexual violence has become the most common phenomenon now a days, not only in Bangladesh but across the globe. Basically #metoo is used use in social media to draw attention to sexual violence that someone has fallen victim to. Women, girls, even boys and children are facing or has faced sexual violence, it seems like the nature of the abuses are not bound by race, age or gender. Few days ago a facebook friend of mine used #metoo and stated that she had been harassed by her home tutor, who was supposed to teach her religion. Like her many women are reporting that they did not speak during the incident and their silence ate into them as much as the memories even till date. Speaking the truth will empower them even long time has already passed since the incident has occurred. Silence is being replaced by speech, they have found a ground to harmonise with others who have faced the same abuse like them. But it’s not enough to roar for resistance until a women harassed, the speech should be there till every single woman is safe.



Md. Tarek Aziz Bappi
University of Dhaka


In October ’17, the #metoo campaign primarily convened by actress Alyssa Milano in resistance against sexual harassment had created a whirlpool and mass response in social media. I think this was a silent movement or resistance against all kinds of sexual assault.
It has been proved through its vast popularity that this form of resistance can do a lot. #metoo represented and expressed the grievance of millions of victims, especially sexually assaulted girls and women. #metoo has been turned into a symbol of resistance. #metoo is a message to the perverted patriarchal mentality holding cowards. #metoo comes as an opportunity to get united against regularly happened sexual harassment around the world and shows the world about how severe the problem is.
Not only women but also the participation of men has given it a universal form. On the other hand, participation of Bangladeshis in this online campaign is also charming, because, sexual harassment are often targeted towards women and these are gone unnoticed most of the time.


Fabliha Anbar
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh


Women are posting massage on social media to show how common sexual assault and harassment are, using the #metoo to express that they too, have been victim of such misconducts. Sexual violence has become one of the most common phenomenas not only in Bangladesh but also around the world. #metoo, these two words have been repeated millions of time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with many other social platforms. When I see the hashtag I wish to envision a free, dynamic society, a breeding ground of new ideas. Unhinged speech in a view to safe guards the bodies and minds of women against the abuse of power, especially when you realise sexual assault has everything to do with power and domination rather than purely sexual pleasure. However it also saddens me to think that we have to rely on the huge number of #metoo statuses to understand the gravity of the problem. Let these hashtags not just be a hashtag for those who can afford to be on social media. Let’s spreads our roots so that whenever someone speaks up, we’re there to support them. We shall not comfort them with lies but break the news that what happened to them was wrong, rather we should show support to them so that they can pass their traumas behind by conforming with many more like her.




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