Contemporary Bangla Movie trend

A new and relatively young generation of film-makers has entered into film making industry in Bangladesh. In some ways, their works have slowly managed to bring back Bangladeshi audience to Cinema hall after a long pause. This week, New Age Youth has asked young students and movie goers about this changing trend in our film industry.


How do you think the young people of Bangladesh are responding to the contemporary movie, for example, Monpura, Aynabaji, Dhaka Attack,and Doob?


Nabanita Islam

University of Dhaka

I have watched Aynabaji for several times already! It’s really an optimistic vibe that our film industry is growing so fast. I always avoided watching Bangla movies but when I watched Monpura my perception on our film makers has totally reversed. Then the hype of Aynabaji got me to watch this too as I could rely on Bangla movies after Monpura and yes Aynabaji didn’t disappoint my expectation, even it took my viewpoint to another level! As with the upgraded movies of other countries, Bangla film makers are trying their heart and soul to boost up the level of our movie standards too, and thus their efforts came out to be such super-hits like Monpura, Aynabaji, Dhaka Attack and so forth! And majority of the movie goers are youth! So, yes Bangla contemporary movies got a brand new era and I along with the younger generation expect the continuity of this success forever. Hail to the new era of Bangla movies.


Sofia Kamal
United International University


Graphics, comedy, action, romance, twist in the story that’s all we want in a single movie. We got all of it in Aynabaji and Dhaka Attack movie. I have seen my friends bunking their classes to watch these movies. These types of movies are encouraging us to watch more and more Bangla movies. We were much more excited to watch these movies just like we used to be for Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Very few people have responded to the new generation of Bangla movies negatively. These movies are so good that still people are talking about it. So, yes, I think Bangla movie has entered into a new phase.



Taiyeba Hossain Shifa


As a matter of fact, if we talk about Aynabaji as well as Dhaka Attack, both became the talk of the town and undoubtedly super-hit movies. How aware are we of the fact that movies always seem to have some kind of response from the audience among which younger generation accommodate highest number. Aynabaji instilled in us the fact that life is not always to be taken as a matter of joke. We never know when the problem makes you a victim while you stand as a mute observer and remain helpless. But then again, if you are witty enough you can always save yourself from the trouble. While Dhaka Attack teaches us how to replenish bravery in the delicate heart. It teaches us to continue fighting even though there’s zero chance of survival because you’re here to fight not flee. It also teaches to never blend professional life with that of personal. You can be dedicated in fields of work and family and fulfill your roles equally.
Al Kaviul Sarker Tanzim

University of Rajshahi



The young people of Bangladesh are responding so positively to the contemporary movies of Bangladesh due to the new plot stories out of the banality of previous monotonous movie stories. Even a couple of years ago such a big crowd could not be seen waiting eagerly following the line in front of cinema halls but now such a hue and cry for tickets. This is happening after ages. And these young movie lovers and movie goers spread the craze by setting a new trend of watching Bangladeshi movies as well as those of the collaborations. For example, ‘Aynabaji’ was a blockbuster super hit that went houseful for weeks. Another super hit is ‘Dhaka Attack’, an action thriller movie. So finally, film makers are beware of the fact after being able to read the taste of the majority of the interpretive young audience that the days of all those monotonous stories and the overwhelming use of outdated technologies have gone. And so the young people can expect all the comparative form of adjectives of the superlatives of the previous one in future offerings. Considering all these stated above, I think the young people are responding so positively which predicts a bright future of Dhallywood.


Suzern Noor 

Bangladesh University of Professionals


In Bangladesh, recent movies like Aynabaji, Dhaka Attack have created a hint of hope in our film industry and despite of having big Hollywood movies screening, people are making a crowd to watch their local heroes crash the movie scenes. Aynabaji’s extraordinary cinematography, visceral feel of Dhaka city, the quirky humour and impish wit portraying the struggles of life without fantasy unlike any other Bengali film, brought about the large number of audiences crawling back to the movie theaters. With a well-crafted story providing ample thrill, edge-of-the-seat action sequences, ‘Dhaka Attack’ delivers what Bangladesh’s film audience have been craving for far too long: a full-blast action extravaganza to call our own leaving the crowd awestruck. So, the days of the ‘Purnodorgho bangla chayachobis’ are over. Some extraordinary cinematography, wit, humour, songs and the portraying of the hustle and bustle of life is really leaving a mark on our film industry. This would only lead to many more talented directors coming up with more spellbound motion pictures.


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