Tattoo Thoughts

Tattoos are around us for centuries, however, the culture in our country is fairly new. The main bearers are the young generation.

What are your thoughts on Tattoo?

New Age has asked the young generation about their ideas on tattoos.

Tarek Aziz Bappi
University of Dhaka


Doing tattoo or body art is an ancient trend. Tattoo has different indications and meaning in different societies and communities. In recent times, doing tattoos got popularity among younger generation in both western and eastern culture.
Though, Personally I don’t like and support such fashion that creates bleeding and pervert body shape.
Various health agencies already alarmed about doing tattoos mentioning its negative effects like energise allergy, skin rash, hepatitis-b and even causing skin cancer.
I think, considering the above health risks our youth community should reconsider the issue of doing or taking tattoos as a fashion. Moreover, it was never our social practice to do tattoos.

Adrita Roy

Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College



Body art or tattoo has become very prominent nowadays. Though it is considered as ‘prohibited’ in some religions and cultures, but young people are attracted to them anyway. I myself want to get a tattoo when I’m older. There’s a certain age limitation in different areas about having tattoos. When some people see anyone with tattoos, they become judgmental about that person. But I think, tattoo is a kind of beautiful art which expresses our feelings and we get it permanent on our skin so that we can express it to others. Most people don’t know the meanings behind them and some people get tattoos just for fun or fashion. But the fact is, tattoo is a beautiful way to express our feelings. To me, every tattoo has a beautiful meaning. I myself talked to such a person who has at least 83 tattoos and he told me that his every tattoo bears different meanings. Sure, it was painful for him to get his first tattoo but slowly he became numb to the pain and started enjoying having them. In many classes, especially for tribal people, there are must rituals to have some significant tattoos. So I think tattoos are not meaningless. They bear beautiful stories of every person which express their feelings. People should really change their opinions about tattoos and tattooed persons. It’s a kind of art that deserves to be praised.

Zerin Rayhan

United International University


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear it? Painful? Haram? Unacceptable? Or, interesting? Unique? Daring? For me the word ‘story’ comes to my mind and a smile plays at the corner of my lips. Yes, I know tattoos are permanent, is not religiously or socially very acceptable but still there is something about it that always had my interest. If you ever find someone with a tattoo, politely ask the reason behind it and you will see almost all the time there is a story behind it. I look for these people in a hope to hear some new stories. I have got a tattoo too and it says ‘I am’. Very much of a cliché isn’t it? But I wanted to start with a cliché and this tattoo is only for me. It works as a constant reminder that I can be anything but to do that ‘I’ have to be present. As my tattoo artist puts it in a more sensible way, it is a strength tattoo. Every time I face a tough situation I look at the words inked on my right wrist and remember the difficult times I overcame and how much stronger I have become each time, and I push myself to do better, to be the best version of myself. And that’s how I plan to change my cliché into something extraordinary.


Suzern Noor

Bangladesh University of Professionals


In recent years, tattoos have become more popular than it has ever been, to just being a stereotype among motorcycles gangs to expressing yourself. Coming from a family of Muslim background, judgment on tattoos is a very easy task for me. Getting your body permanently inked is restricted in Islam. It varies from society to society, country to country. Countries with Christian majority people see tattooing as an art. A tattoo is not only considered a taboo in our country, but also a way of the society judging you if you have one. I don’t judge anyone for having a tattoo, but the society so crippled with stereotypes is going to. You’ll suddenly become ‘the noshto chele’ in your building. Allergies, scars, HIVs and hepatitis could be some after effects of getting your body inked. However, temporary tattoos are more than welcome. So, before getting a permanent tattoo, think about the astonishing amount of pain you’ll have to go through and all on a sudden, you are scarred for life and have no recovery.


Al Kaviul Sarker Tanzim

University of Rajshahi


Though with the addition of new inks and phenomenal body art tattooing has certainly reached a new plateau, I personally consider it as a taboo. Because it has been believed that the wearer of an image upholds the spirit of that image. At the very beginning, tattoos were used to mark criminals which prevented them from an opportunity to regain their position in the society by changing themselves. It is irrational as well as unjust in case of any individual. By the passage of time, the purpose of tattooing has varied from culture to culture and place to place. Sometimes it is used as an identifier of the members of the clans or secret groups and sometimes to detect the classes of people in a society which truly breaches equality. Though some people use tattoo as a means of self expression, it is proven to have dangerous health effects. Moreover, it is strictly prohibited in Islam and in 787 AD, Pope Hadrian banned tattooing. Normans as a nation disdained it. So, as a human being and as a muslim considering the blend of logics stated above, I always like to be without tattoos and I would suggest temporary tattooing instead of the permanent one if someone truly wants to have one




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