The carnival of evergreen rust !

  • By Riasat Raihan
    As a music lover, I look for class in songs, what I mean to say is that my soul should get connected immediately after I hear the music! With all due respect to music artists, very few songs turns out to be classic like that for some of us.
    Among some great songs around the world, ‘Carnival of Rust’ by the Finnish band Poets of the Fall is one of the greatest songs that changed my life. I was about 14 years old when I first heard Carnival of Rust and it instantly became the number one song in my playlist. This is the most famous track of the Finnish breakthrough band Poets of the Fall. It’s undoubtedly the fans’ favourite.songWell, Poets of the Fall doesn’t have fan followings like LP, Alter Bridge, Arctic Monkeys etc. still their music is world class. This song is immensely emotionally stirring. You will not be able to stop yourself from listening to this track again and again right after you hear it for the first time. The vocalist Marko Saaresto’s   melodic voice has given this song an extra edge. The way he sings this song in live shows or concerts is a treat to the listeners’ eras. If you see his facial expressions when he sings this particular track, you can imagine that this song has a meaning for him too as it has for you soon after it touches your soul. Piano, keyboard, samples, and orchestra pieces are well implemented on this track. The guitars of Olli and Jaska do not follow the stream as such, they both equally have an unfamiliar tune. Often creative effects have driven these musicians, they fill up the rest of the dynamic range with atmosphere, grit and riffs.  It is little different than other classic rock songs, so to say as classic rock songs would have some iconic guitar solos or some catchy bass sound. Nevertheless, here is much variation to the guitar work as well, going from classic rock solos and ballads to more progressive leads and crunchy rock riffs. I will also add that the bass is audible and tasteful.This song is truly a treat for me to hear. I have listened to a very few songs consistently in my life and this song is one of them. That’s why I call it ‘The Carnival of evergreen RUST’. This song has the perfect combination of great songwriting and a great sense of music making. This song makes its album a perfect rock album. For this, Poets of the Fall deserves respect and success for creating a rock album which has a purpose and a meaning!

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