Reflections on Dhaka Lit Fest 2017

Young urbanites, particularly fluent in English eagerly wait for Dhaka Lit Fest. This year’s festival just had ended. New Age Youth collated some thoughts and reflections on the festival from the young visitors, volunteers, and students interested in English and Bengali literature.

What do you think about the Dhaka Lit Fest? Do you feel positive or negative vibes about this gathering?




Ayesha Alam Bipasha
National University

Dhaka lit fest started its journey in 2014. They started with a motto of building a bridge between Bangladeshi and foreign writers as well as familiarising Bengali literature. The main reason of this programme is a get-together of writers, it is not some mere book fair. The three day long festival offers a variety of discussion sessions all day long. The audience gets the chance to talk with internationally acclaimed writers, even get to question them about their work.




Rokaiya Sharmin Erina

BRAC University

Each year I wait earnestly to go to the Bangla academy premise for the Dhaka Literary Festival. This festival is primarily an international literary festival that is arranged every year and the sessions are organised for three days where many renowned speakers, patrons, authors from all over the world participate to encourage all the literature lovers who are devoted to writing and reading. I feel an absolute pleasure to attend the festival. Among other great things I get there, one is having the contingency of meeting our dream authors and to talk, discuss and interact with them about the characters and plot that they created.  Dhaka Lit fest provided us a chance to enjoy the festival among Bengali and international audience. A lot of them got introduced with the folk tradition and authentic rural customs and heritage.



Fairooz Zakir Pritha
University of Dhaka
Lit Fest 2017, held at Bangla Academy, has been an immensely fulfilling experience for me and many of my friends as it was our first time attending the occasion. The atmosphere was indeed full of positive vibes and our excitement was inevitable as it was one of the biggest gatherings of the most prominent literary figures of our time, many of whom we had the opportunity of meeting during our visit there. Furthermore, several of our friends, being volunteers there, made the entire experience all the more memorable.




Samia Anwar Rafa

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

This year Dhaka Lit Fest successfully created a bubble of excitement among the book lovers. Ever since I heard about the launching of ‘Her Stories’ at the Lit Fest, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The fest created a great platform for all the readers out there to meet and talk about their passion for literature. I had a great time walking by the stalls simmering with book enthusiasts. The fest however had a limited range of books from Bengali Literature. Also I am hoping to see more book stalls than food stalls in the following years.





Fariha Mrinmoyee Hrijutee

University of Dhaka


Dhaka lit fest is that festival which can be called as a big get together of the literature lovers from around the world.  This festival is like a dream festival for book bugs.  Loads of books to buy and read by famous writers. This gathering gives us a positive vibe about the future of literature in our country, but in opinion the only negative vibe that I get is that the young generation is, they are more interested in English literature than Bangla. There are also some accusations from different people that this festival is in fact advocating English readers. This is not bad, but I think we should focus on our own literature before others, only that way, we can understand the whole essence of literature.




Sofia Kamal

United International University

Dhaka lit fest is a paradise for book and art lovers. Undoubtedly this gathering has lots of positive sides. They can directly talk to the writers and artists. There are also good food and music too. Books are little bit expensive but then again it doesn’t matter to the book lovers. We can’t say that it’s a bad thing as they have the willingness to purchase and sellers maintain the quality. Sometimes they arrange drama performance or a short film. I think we all should go at least once to Dhaka lit fest. You will feel a different world there.





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