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From left Rafsun , Ratul , Zohad , Dio and Zafir. Photo by : Jawad Mahmud Chowdhury

From left Rafsun , Ratul , Zohad , Dio and Zafir.
Photo by : Jawad Mahmud Chowdhury

Rock music or alternative rock music has been evolved greatly in our country over the years. Whenever we speak about rock music of our country the first name that tops in everyone’s mind is Nemesis. Nemesis is now called the band of this generation by some of its fans. Since 1999, the music of Nemesis has influenced lives and changed it. As a big Nemesis fan, I consider the voice of this band, Md Zohad Reza Chowdhurry as the leading voice of this generation. Nemesis is undoubtedly famous within the rock music lovers community. No concert comes to life if Nemesis is not there to perform!
Recently Nemesis launched their third album titled, ‘Gonojowar’ which became an instant hit among the music lovers all over the country. Led by frontman Zohad with his powerful melodic voice, talented guitarists like Rafsan and Zafir, strong bass by Ratul and last but not the least Dio Huq’s canorous drums beating — the whole album is just amazing! The title song starts with Nemesis signature style guitar riffs followed by Zohad’s amazing vocals. The song is basically about rising from every possible hindrance and not to accept any defeat in any situation.
Throughout the song, it tells you about that there will be problems. You will have to face obstacles which will stop you to win in life. But you shouldn’t surrender or give up. There should no such word as defeat in your dictionary. The song motivates and encourages you to face all your barricades and combat them. With this meaningful lyric, from band’s guitar works to propulsive drumming with startling bass work by Ratul and of course breathtaking vocals of Zohad everything was top notch! The guitar solos were absolutely confounding. Rafsan and Zafir has been the backbone for the band because of their amazing guitar solos.
There is no doubt that this track is one of the greatest rock songs of our country. Maybe it’s a specialty of Nemesis that their music has depth in every sector whether its guitar solos or drums or lyrics. Besides, this song is buzzing and definitely the song you want for a rock concert. If you have ever gone to live shows of Nemesis then you know how amazing they are! They will just make you jump and sing with their electrified live performances!
As a music lover from Bangladesh, I feel really proud that we get to hear music from bands like Nemesis. They are so much talented and the way they are making music surely will take our country into the highest level of rock and alternative rock music.  I hope that they will be more successful in the future and will give us more amazing songs to live with!


Riasat Raihan is a student of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

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