Our favourite books and movie on 1971

Contemporary youths have not experienced theOur favourite books and movie on 1971 liberation war in person. However, they have acquired knowledge about the event from books and movies. New Age Youth has asked today’s youth about their favourite books and films on 1971.


What is your favourite movie or book on 1971 war of independence? Why do you like them?


Md Tarek Aziz Bappi
University of Dhaka

‘Amar Bondhu Rashed’ is my favorite movie on glorious 1971 war of independence. This one movie makes me emotional and thrilled about the time of liberation war every times I watch it. At the very ending of the movie, the ultimate dedication of Rashed; who is the core character of makes me too much emotional and helps me to commemorate the dedication of martyrs for this country. On the other hand, this movie focuses on the participation of adolescents and youth in the liberation war; focuses how liberation war did attracted them and how they responded. Overall, this movie is the best piece of film to me on 1971. This will be always inspiring for the youth.


Sofia Kamal

United International University


Ekattorer Dinguli by Jahanara Imam is a favorite book of mine based on 1971 war of independence. It is an auto biographical book by ‘martyr-mother’ Jahanara Imam where she shared her painful experiences of the liberation war of Bangladesh. The book concludes the fate of an unfortunate mother who lost her child as well as her dear husband during the war. She achieved the independence for such a great price. This book actually portrays the cruelty of war. The piece is not only about her but also about many mothers and wives who struggled during this cruel war. Whenever I read this book, somehow I can feel the pain they faced and I feel the value of those martyrs who sacrifices their lives during the liberation war. That is why it is one of my favourite books based on the war of independence.


Adrita Roy

Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College, Dhaka


To tell the truth, every movie / book that is based on the liberation war of Bangladesh is my favorite. I really can’t choose but if I must, then I will choose ‘Amar Bondhu Rashed’ and ‘Gramer naam Kakondubi’ by Mohammad Zafar Iqbal. Both of them are fantastic books based on the plot of our liberation war and one of them, ‘Amar Bondhu Rashed ‘ was turned into a great movie. They tell us the story of our people, the struggle that we had to endure during liberation war and how all types of people even children participated in the liberation war. Also, both of the books portrayed how some native people helped the Pakistani military to destroy our country and killed so many people. I also like the plot of ‘ Ekattorer Dinguli ‘ by Jahanara Imam. It reflects how a family suffered during 1971 but still never stopped supporting the liberation war, the pain a mother had to endure during that time, the pain every woman felt as a mother and a wife. Also, ‘Camp’ by Mohammad Zafar Iqbal intrigues me. I really like how the author pointed out different points of view surrounding one incident during our liberation war. There are so many books and movies about our liberation war of 1971 and the aftermaths that can always help the young generation to know more about our country’s history and encourage the youth to fight for freedom.

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