‘Open Your Eyes’



By Raaisa Tariq

Alter Bridge, a Hard rock band from Orlando, Florida, was formed in 2004 after their former band Creed became inactive. To be mentioned here, Creed itself was a craze in their days among their audiences. Their music is actually more popular in Europe than the U.S. and other places. Being an underrated band, they have some rather tremendous pieces of work. And without a doubt, the song ‘open your eyes’ is one of them.

‘Open your eyes’ was their first single from their debut album ‘One day remains’, even though it was not intended to be the first single and is one of their biggest hits till now. It peaked at No. 2 on the US Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in 2004, the band’s highest charting single on that chart until ‘Isolation’ reached No. 1 in 2011.The song is musically very rich and melodious. The musical piece starts off with heavy guitar and slows down with the entry of Myles Kennedy’s excellent vocal. Tremonti’s clean guitar solo at the end is a real treat to the ears. With Kennedy’s vocal and Tremonti’s guitar, what could possibly go wrong, right? The song is filled with long notes and difficult ranges, no one could’ve pulled it off better than Myles Kennedy. The song can be related to so many aspects, some say that the song is about unity and racism, and some say that it’s about broken relationships. In my opinion, the song seems to be a very encouraging piece, either way, the song takes us on a beautiful journey filled with emotions. The lyric of the song is so deep and beautiful that it makes everyone fall in love with it. ‘Open your eyes’ is a perfect combination of heavy and soft music both at the same time. In live performances this song seems to be one of the most anticipated songs, which is the reason why the band usually plays the song at the very end of most of their performances. The song was heavily rotated on MTV and was fairly well received by the critics. It is personally one of my most favorite songs of all time. It’s sad that songs like these don’t get the attention that they deserve and don’t get fair amount of commercial success either. However, I am looking forward to listening to their upcoming masterpieces.

Raaisa Tariq is a student of American International University-Bangladesh. 

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