New year’s resolution 2018

With the beginning of a year, we look forward to keeping the past years’ experience and move forward to a better version of us. Thus we look for changes, set goals and draw resolutions, we have asked youths to share their thoughts on the same.


Sameer Mohammad Mubeen
North South University


Resolutions are always cliché and very conventional, so why shouldn’t we rather devote ourselves towards goals which are more significant to us? When poverty violates the rights of half of the world’s population, we turn our heads and proceed. Instead, finding happiness and joy through giving should be the goal. The battle against climate change and deforestation is another important factor. Positively contributing to the eco-system and animal kingdom is equally vital as well. There will come a time when ‘tigers’ would only refer to men in green and red roaring in the cricket stadiums; unfortunately not the actual animal in the mangrove forests of Sundarbans. So my new year’s resolution is ‘Change nothing and nothing changes. Change you, change the world’.


Sofia Kamal
United International University


Every upcoming new year, my resolution is an upgraded me. I am a perfection seeker. I try to cut off one of my bad habits and try to adopt a good habit. This year I did the same thing. My resolutions are easier said than done. I don’t know whether it is fate or a coincidence, but at every year end, something happens in my life that inspires me to take this type of resolution. This time I decided not to waste my time and I will provide food to poor kids by saving some of my pocket money. And I think I will be able to provide some comfort to at least a single person, which would be my achievement.


Saima Zarnaz
Military Institute of Science and Technology


New year is a time when people think of drawing various resolutions but those are rarely enacted. I also go through the same process. I know what a procrastinator I am, so this year my only resolution is going to be ‘not procrastinating’ in my works. This would be my only resolution for this new year .The only motto is to work hard and not to keep works left and also to be punctual. I have experienced the outcome of procrastination in the past years which is not at all a good experience. So on the new year’s eve I will be living on a new motto, ‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started ‘.

Ishan Sarker

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh


A year can be only numbers or it could be much more than that. I personally believe that a new day is another chance to improve myself. All is merry and happy until the moment you feel down. I have always found out that it’s not about making the plans but actually sticking to the plan that matters. In the upcoming year of 2018, I will peruse the things I’m most afraid of accomplishing. I will set 3 goals for everyday and complete them anyhow. Enjoying life is the secret to true happiness and all we do is forget this simple thing. Here is to a beautiful year ahead and the beginning of change within, change for the better.
Adrita Roy
Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College, Dhaka.

At last, the new beginning is coming. 2017 has taken away and given so many things to me. For the next new year, I’m really excited. I wish to help others. And also I wish to try harder. There are so many people in world right now who are in danger and who need help from others. I want to be one of them. I want to try harder for success but at the same time help others as much as I can. To try is a powerful effort which everyone cannot implement. By trying harder, I can help others, I can help myself and I can help the whole world. I hope this upcoming year will be a year of happiness, a year of helping each other, a year of spreading love among every person, a year of trying harder to be alive. I confidently believe that this new year will bring out a new me who can try harder and harder to make everyone happy and to help others in need. This new and fresh year will be full of joy, no hatred , no war, only love and peace.

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