‘Tolerable amount of bribe’

Recently the education minister made an ethically compromised comment, in which he said, ‘take bribe, but take it in a tolerable amount.’ Youths have shared their reactions on this comment.

Tasnuva Tasnim

South Point School & College


Recently we have seen that our education minister Nurul Islam Nahid gave a speech while distributing laptops among government officials. He talked about how the envelopes full of cash are given to the inspectors in the educational institutions. Speaking of all this, at a moment he mentioned that ‘take bribe at a tolerable level’. Well, about his comment I would like to say that this is simply shameful to hear such a speech from an education minister. His comment has left many people in shock. But then again, we all know that there are always two sides to every story. Nahid’s comment wasn’t wrong at the slightest, at least according to him. He was trying to stop the officials from taking bribe. In Bangladesh taking bribe has become a normal phenomenon and barely any actions are taken against it in governments offices. So to that respect, I know it might be indigestible to some of you but I think he was right at some point. Since we cannot stop people from taking bribe wholly we can at least ask them to maintain a limitation. But at the end of the day the Nahid’s comment wasn’t something wise enough to come from an education minister. Again, he had a tiny bit of logic in it, that most of us are being unable to catch.


Taiyeba Hossain



With the passing of time, corruption and bribery started to take place in our lives as a norm. Oh how we take part in it being ignorant. As a reference while we look at the comment by the education minister promoting bribe and corruption, it is not to taken in account. For promoting such, this practice can lead a way for corruption being practiced openly. Once people are free to this practice they shall dwell in the hunger of greed. And hunt upon preys upon whom they can apply pressure on. The amount mentioned ‘tolerable’ at a point would seem to grow with greed and desire to live above one’s means. This will further lead to financial inefficiencies. The comment may suffice for immediate benefits but for the bigger pictures it holds no good.

Mijan Rahmn

North East University Bangladesh


Education minister Mr. Nahid deserves thanks for acknowledging the ongoing corruption in different ministry, though the essence of his comment is very much terrifying. He has revealed the truth, the government is being failed to control the corruption and how the higher authority has been captivated in the hand of inauspicious group. We common people became surprised to hear him openly support for these culprits and lesson for taking bribe rather than punish them. While we are demanding his resignation from his post in case of failure to run the ministry properly but ridiculously he’s trying to impose his fault over the opponent party and journalist. Additionally, people are concerned about the condition of Education ministry and assuming if it runs like that, in near future the whole education system will badly collapse.


Mohammad Tarek Aziz Bappi

University of Dhaka

It is unfortunate to hear such an ethically compromised comment from a responsible person of the government. This type of comment is providing one kind of legality of taking bribe and encouraging the practice. At least, it is totally unexpected from the minister of education ministry. We all know well that our administrative system is not totally corruption free, but no responsible person yet deliver such kind of ethically compromised word for the strategic reason in the way to reduce the exchange of bribe. Only a shameless person like our education minister can make such comment who is yet to resign though after having a lot of failures. Government should remove him as he will never resign willingly.

Sofia Kamal.

United International University

Taking bribe is against ethics. No matter what the situation is, no matter if our surrounding is bad, we must ignore bribe. If I am allowed to take a little amount of bribe, near future it will be a normal thing for me. There is a huge possibility that gradually we will raise the amount of bribe to fulfill our personal satisfaction. Tolerable amount of bribe depends on the person’s intention. Some people are happy with fewer amounts and some are happy with huge amount. Therefore, I believe there is no tolerable amount for taking bribe, in this regard, our education minister’s recent comment is nothing but a mockery to the system.




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