Are rural area teachers being paid enough?

Teachers, especially in rural area, are not compensated for their service accordingly, compared to their city counterparts.

We have asked youths to share their thoughts on this issue with New Age Youth

Sofia Kamal
United International University


There should be a benchmark for assessing the quality of primary teachers before increasing their compensation because in city the competitiveness of teacher is usually high than rural teacher. There are other reasons for the city teachers being given more compensation. The city teachers are required to acquire more technical skills and must know how to make use of the available technologies. The expense of teaching and living in urban areas is also higher than that of the rural areas. So, the higher compensation of the city teachers are justified. But it must also be kept in mind that the rural teachers are given compensation that is sufficient to make them last the end of the day.


Fabliha Anbar

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh


The life of a teacher in rural areas is really different than their city counterparts. They are paid lower wages, face infrastructural problems and many more. The lack of transportation means teachers cannot travel to the cities for training. A teacher needs continues learning and needs to attend training. The teachers in rural areas don’t have these opportunities. Also one of the most common problems teachers are facing in rural areas is lack of resources. It’s not like teachers of urban areas are best. Also rural area teachers face so many problems and they overcome it and give their best. I really appreciate their efforts and also feel that we should respect them as well. Undoubtedly rural areas teachers face more difficulties than the urban ones. Despite of that they are not treated similarly as urban ones. According to my opinion every teacher deserves respect, their payment for their tremendous job should be logical and sufficient. It’s high time now, we should stop discrimination among urban and rural areas teachers in case of remuneration. Lastly I would like to say every single teacher should be compensated respectfully and regularly for their holy contribution to the society.

Nasir Nice

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh


This isn’t a general emotional question but a highly political & economical question. Because it’s the system by which our teachers are compensated. It’s a damn truth that teachers are workers & compensations are the wages. We are in a system by which the ruling class can exploit the workers by paying low wages. Teachers as workers don’t have the equal share of the total production system which helps the ruling class to exploit the workers. If we look into teachers’ compensations, we will have the picture of exploitation, teachers are paid low wages and if we consider rural & city teachers, we’ll see that rural teachers are more exploited than city teachers. Such exploitation discourages our teachers to provide better service. To ensure equality and to stop such exploitation, the system should be changed to encourage our teachers to give better service where the teachers have the equal share of the total production system.


Taiyeba Hossain



Teachers are the building blocks that shape a student’s educational base. But very often we see the talent of the teachers go unrewarded and taken as an insignificant matter. While their services towards the society is to be embraced with rewards and appreciated. Comparing the wages of teachers in rural areas with that of the ones in the city counter parts leads to a barrier of a high discrimination and unfairness. Every teacher puts in their hard-work and dedication in creating leaders who are to lead our country in the long run. They’re educating us and ensuring in us a blend of fruitful education.  And how ignorantly we are discriminating their hard work and dedication? So, apparently, their hard-works are being unrewarded for they reside in rural areas. This unfair behaviour has to be stopped with immediate fair action. The teachers are to be compensated accordingly for they’ve never been miser to share their light of knowledge to our children, to us. They’ve distributed their knowledge and guided their students in the path of success and prosperity. Now it’s our time to be grateful and to ensure they get compensated accordingly which they rightfully deserve.

Syed Ianur Shah
Pabna University of Science and Technology


As we know the spine provides senses to all the parts of the body and helps to function it properly, in the very same way a teacher provides the strength to the education system and helps to run it perfectly. If the Education is light then the teacher is the person who lit it. No matter where they are from, rural or a city, their contributions have same effect on the students. However, we see, the rural teachers earn significantly less that their town counterparts. I think if we want to change this discrimination we have to change our own perspective about the abilities of a rural teacher compared to a city one. The authority has to do their part while assigning  teacher  and training them. Every facility should be equal. The pay scale sanctioned for them should be maintained. The rural teacher have to face so many difficulties in training, technological support both in administration and academic purposes , transportation problems, but they do their best. So I think they deserve no less than a city teacher who has nearly all the facilities s/he requires.  I think when every part of a system works properly then the system runs perfectly. This discrimination towards teachers is remaining because of the failure of the systems. Repair it and see the result.



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