Ridiculing gender inequality not OK!

Recently, a youtube video titled, ‘বৈষম্য (Inequality)’ is released with the intention to socially decide what women should do or not do. In the context of pervasive inequality that women face in Bangladesh, New Age Youth asked students about their thoughts and reflections on this kind of negative social campaigns that tries to mock gender inequality.


Taiyeba Hossain


Women are often misjudged and termed week, based on preconceived bigoted notion. Oh how often are we chained by the unfair norms of the society and nevertheless, discrimination! An ill practiced norm which legitimises certain things for men but labels as taboo for women. But yet ignorant we are, we stay mute to such misconducts. Taking in to account, the recent YouTube video, named ‘Inequality’ is absolutely not the type of campaign to look up to. For not only it belittles women but also insults them for something men have been doing in daylight with the slightest feeling of guilt or shame. Smoking, as we are all aware, is injurious to health and definitely not a good practice, is being promoted via this campaign. The campaign has thereby not taken any safety or friendly measures to decrease or stop the ill practice. But rather triggered and intrigued humans to such practice. A better way of putting it would be, this type of campaigns often portray misleading lessons for the youths. And in the long run, youths are addicted to ill practices which these kinds of videos promote, the practices they do not know how to let go off.


Sumaiya Nawaz

South East University


In this world, women are somehow perceived weaker than men. Till this day, the society is stereotyping women. After watching the much hyped short film, it makes us feel that men are accepted to do everything on the streets from peeing to molesting girls but if a women try to smoke they become bad-girl. Of course I strictly believe that smoking is injurious to health for all the genders! There is a misconception too, a child who’s growing up learns that smoking is disastrous for our ambience but they didn’t mention that the smoker doesn’t matter here. This destructive video is actually promoting cyber bullying because they motivate males to capture a picture while a girl is smoking. How ridiculous is this! About the reserved seat related issue, listen we don’t need the nine seats of the local bus to ensure our security, we’ll cope up on our own. Nobody can put a question mark on one’s liberty.


Sofia Kamal 

United International University

sofia Kamal

I believe in our country women mostly face inequality. Different types of short films like ‘inequality’ pick up some points and reasons behind these inequalities. It makes us think at least for once about all those stuffs going around us. We should motivate those social campaigns as much as we can by sharing their thoughts and we should encourage them more to make further videos like this. This will help us to change our views and thoughts in a good way.


Tasnim Zaman
BRAC University


Honestly, what still astonishes me is that, in a world where women are struggling to get the most minor of rights fulfilled, the short film’s concern is why women have separate seats in buses. Smoking in public is illegal for every individual, irrespective of gender. And when a person’s mentality fails to understand this, it shows how polluted their thoughts have become. No one has the right to ask people to harass, breach space and videotape any woman smoking in public, which the short film has encouraged to do. What I believe is, the society needs more sensible people than educated ones. Otherwise, short films as such will drag the country miles behind rather than pushing it forward. Let the law decide what is right or wrong, not certain gender acceptances or norms.
Sarawat Murtaza Sara
American International University Bangladesh

Sarawat Murtaza Sara

First of all, I think taking pictures or videos without asking permission is not right. That’s totally wrong. Besides, making social videos about gender inequality won’t help much either. It will make more chaos. Women in our country are advancing now, in terms of education or profession, compared to man. Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals wholly or partly due to their gender. One thing that caught my mind is that no one has right to harass anyone or taking pictures of anyone without permission but this is what the short film encouraged us to do so. It’s clear you don’t have to be highly educated just to use simple common sense to judge the right and wrong. You just need to be sensible and that’s it. Let’s our law decide who needs to be judged or not, we should mind our own business.


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