Pink Floyd’s High Hopes: a true musical experience


By Riasat Raihan



When it comes to true music sense along with quality, Pink Floyd tops the list for me. From lyrics to their amazing guitar solos, everything is just top notch. You won’t find a single down-point in their songs. Everything is sweet-treat to the auditory sense, especially their awesome guitar solos.
Pink Floyd is a rock band from United Kingdom. They first came into the spotlight with their progressive and psychedelic music in 1965. ‘High Hopes’ is one of the tracks of their 11th album ‘The Division bell’.  High Hopes is widely considered one of the greatest songs of all time. It’s definitely a fans’ favourite. Led by frontman David Galimour, he wrote this song too. Basically, Pink Floyd is a band where everyone is a champion. But for me I think Galimour doesn’t get the praise he deserves as Syd Barret gets for his contribution. If you are a true Pink Floyd fan you will see Galimour is a better musician than Barret. To get a proof, just listen to this song High Hopes. You will see how the depth and sadness will bring a true musical experience for the listeners.
Any music lover will tell you that the driving force behind Pink Floyd was Roger Waters, and they’re right, Waters was without a question the most talented musician and song writer in Pink Floyd, but the second man was clearly always Gilmour. For me, Galimour played the most important role in every song as the lead guitar arguably the most important part in Pink Floyd songs. He also sang and was strong in song writing process. Particularly, High Hopes is one of the hardest songs to play but Galimour and others pulled it off effortlessly.
Most of you might know that, Syd Barret destroyed his brain and passed away. After his passing, a whole album was recorded in memory of him ‘Wish you were here’. It was Galimour who stepped forward and took Pink Floyd in the highest level. Especially with songs like ‘comfortably numb’, ‘endless river’ and of course ‘High Hopes.’
Just listen to high hopes. You will hear the bitterness and sadness in Galimour’s vocals. Unlike some bands, being a rockstar didn’t end up well for Pink Floyd. Because they lost a great friend, they struggled a lot to get support from critics and fans, they were pushed back consistently by both of them. Sometimes it surprises me that music so beautiful could come from such agony. It cannot be described in words.


Riasat Raihan is a member of the New Age Youth team.


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