Winter: time to shiver

Winter is thriving and blanketing the whole country with its cold paws. Winter comes with promises of an array of delicious food items and turmoil to the underprivileged people. Youths have shared their thoughts on this season.


Md Tarek Aziz Bappi
University of Dhaka


In Bangladesh, winter inherently comes with a romantic thrill in the nature. In rural areas, winter means a season with variety of festivals like Poush Mela, horse race, annual athletics and cultural programs at schools and so on. Along with these festivals, winter comes with a variety of seasonal foods, especially traditional cakes, payesh made of date juice, date molasses etc. The season particularly brings a feeling of festivity among the pastoral children. In urban life, winter also comes with a romantic connotation, especially in university campuses. Bird fair, book fair, cake festivals are being arranged in different areas of the cities which are mainly visited by youths. Moreover, playing badminton during the chilly evenings is a compulsory part of celebrating winter here. However, winter comes as a brutal curse to many rootless people, especially in urban areas who spend their nights on the streets. A piece of warm cloth becomes their most desirable thing during this time.


Tasnuva Tasnim

South Point School and College


In our country winter comes for a very short duration. We feel the shiver of winter from November to the first few weeks of February. Within this short period of time, this season influences our life a lot. In the winter of 2017, the temperature went really low and broke all previous records. Winter is liked by some people, then again it’s a season full of many challenges for the underprivileged. The middle and upper class people apparently prefer winter. They can eat delicious food and keep themselves warm by wrapping a blanket or putting on jackets and sweaters. Moving on to the underprivileged people, for who the winter is full of hardship. The poor people living in the northern part of Bangladesh are more likely to be the victims of this shivering weather. Many people of Panchagrh, Kurigram, Thakurgaon and other winter prone regions are struggling for their existence this winter. They spend the freezing winter nights praying for a little bit of sunshine the next morning. Some of them even die out of intolerance. We should come forward and help these people to make their lives easier in the winters. A good number of non-profit organisations are also working to make it more effective, to reach the warm clothes to the winter prone areas of the country.


Taiyeba Hossain



While the season has many delicacies and aristocracy to offer to the top notch riches, for the underprivileged it has very less to offer in hand. As the temperature drops, it becomes irresistible to sustain cold for people who can barely afford a meal a day. And how the rich people pull off their woolen hats, draped in shawl, covered in a jacket drive off the roads, carry their foods while the poor starve!

How often blinded are the rich as they neglect the ones in dire need of their help, specifically the ones who live in the streets. Oh how impatiently the residents are praying and seeking for a shelter and clothing to save them from the wrath of the merciless winter.

If we start lending them helping hands we can bring out a big change, a change to look forward to. A leap taken on the very day by the youth will further encourage the other youths to follow his footsteps and thus together merging to provide the people the warmth they’ve been seeking for.

A fire can rekindle our souls, the fire that burns to melt the snow of sufferings, and free the underprivileged people from the clutches of cold and thus providing them the warmth.


Hafsa Sabira

Manarat International University

Hafsa Sabira

Even though the best part about winter is its tasty delicacy, the exquisite feeling disappears when one thinks about the people shivering in cold in their tattered clothes. From my point of view, winter is both a blessing and a curse for our country and the only way to make it better is by unanimous cooperation. Even though there are both government and voluntary organisations to aid the less fortunate ones, winter will be more pleasant if everyone decides to donate warm clothes. We can also hand over an extra bit of our delicious foods to a less privileged person whenever we can. With a widespread kindness, winter can become desirable to all.


Sumaiya Nawaz

South East University


Winter is the king of all seasons. It is quite usual that winter chapter of Bangladesh is wrinkling, arriving late and living short. The foggy winter morning should be flavoured by the steaming hot tea with seasonal cakes made from ground rice. Also some people consider it as a season of wedding .The gift of winter is also manifested on the dining table. New colorful vegetables arrive, supply of fishes is better .It’s another irony that winter days are short but crowded with activities likewise outings, picnic, events. There is no denying the fact that winter is an enjoyable month for the people belonging to affluent class. People living on the streets under the open sky do on often get any blankets or warm clothes to protect themselves from the biting cold. Some seem to be covering themselves with ripped shawl. Elderly people and children are the first victims, they suffer from phenomena, cold, diarrhea, cough and fever due to cold weather.




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