Depression: the silent assassin

Young generation these days, particularly among urban middle class are burdened with a lot from study pressure to increasing distance with parents, rising isolation from dependency on social media and more. As a result, young lives are often traumatic in metropolitan cities, making them easy prey of depression. This mental agony, in the long run, has the ability to snatch the will to live from a certain person. Luckily, there are remedies too. Youths have shared their thoughts on depression and also described how they deal with it.

Adrita Roy

Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College

Adrita Roy

This is a very legit question because I have become a victim of depression. It is such a feeling that separates someone from feeling anything good. Pressure of study, relationships, complications between generations, social lives etc are enough to make someone a victim of depression. When it started happening to me, I was so lost. I couldn’t take the load of study, I couldn’t easily talk with everyone, I couldn’t enjoy that was happening around me. I always hoped when I would go to sleep again. Then I understood that I have fallen a victim of depression. I think, today’s hard way of living everyday life isn’t giving us the pleasure of living our life at all. That’s why young generation is going under mental trauma and becoming depressed. As a victim of it, I can assure that it is such a feeling that none wants to feel. If the society doesn’t take enough steps to make the way of living more enjoyable to everyone, our young generation will grow up in severe depression and our prosperity will be hampered. So we should try more and more to make our everyday life more enjoyable.


Ayeasha Alam Bipasha
National University


At present, young people have to adapt to various subjects such as education, research, employment and relationships. It is found that many of them may not be able to withstand this pressure; as a result they are becoming depressed. I think it is due to their extra reliance on the technology, not valuing relationships and friends, the distance growing between parents and so on. In this era of modern technology mobile is the only friend to them. Lack of trust, responsibility, and value are the biggest problem for youths now a days. Life is the same as it is, however. If one side of life shines and the other side remains dark, sadness will come, it is normal. But now young people are keeping themselves free from political responsibility – financially responsible for holding that shiny look. So they are repeatedly suffering from problems like depression which is becoming a great concern of this generation.


Noor Ul Huda

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh


I truly believe that depression is one of the most misunderstood words in the English dictionary. When someone says he or she is depressed, they are actually using the word depression as a synonym for sadness. In short, it’s an illness. And illness can be cured. It’s an illness which robs people from their happiness, their sleeps, their focus and most importantly, from their path of life. For some individuals, it robs their will to work and play along. Even robs their will to live in long run. For them, it’s complete agony. It’s nothing short of mental torture. So, they see death as an east escape. Like all diseases, depression can also be cured. People just need the love and care of their loved ones so that they can understand that they are not alone in this world. Love and care are the only cure to depression.



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