The month of February

February comes with many festivals and historic events — the Ekushey Book fair, first day of spring in Bengali calendar, Valentine’s Day as well as the anti-autocratic students’ uprising day. New Age Youth asked students about their thoughts on these events and which of the events they plan on celebrating? Answers are diverse.

Adrita Roy

Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College

Adrita Roy

February has to be the most favourite month of mine, because it’s a mix of everything to me, month of Ekushey Book fair ;  first day of spring, Valentine’s Day, anti-autocratic students’ uprising day, most importantly, the month of language. The 21st February brings a lot of significance to us, as well as for the whole world. I am planning to observe a bit of everything that this February  has to offer. I would like to remember all the struggles that the then Bangladeshis went through for our mother tongue with love and respect ; and in this regard I would like to pay a visit to the place of knowledge — the Ekushey Book fair. Also, I would like to get everyone spread warmth everywhere in this month of love and peace. February is a holy month for me and everyone should remember this month for its importance from different angles.


Maisarah Ashraf

University of Chittagong


It’s the most awaited month for a large number of people. The reason can either be the first day of spring or Valentine’s. The 21st February is the day which sums up the entire stretch in only four words ‘International Mother Language Day’. Respecting this month, a huge book fair is organised every year. Including all these, February is special for reason the anti-autocrat­ic students’ uprising, as well. Now the question is — which one I’m going to join or celebrate. Well I’ve made mind. I’ve always felt the 24-karat is to change my present instead of crying over the spilled milk. Coming generati­on is the fire of our hope, if the fire blows in wrong directions there’ll be nothing new in the history. The difference is to be made.


Sofia Kamal
United International University


First day of spring in Bengali calendar is one of my favorite festivals. This day is also known as Basanta Utshab. I love the way we welcome this day. In this day people wear yellow or orchard colour dress. We can visit many fairs. Girls wear saree and flowers to get a traditional look. It comes with a vibe of celebration of traditional festival. This is why I am thinking about celebrate this day wearing saree and I would love to put flowers on my hair  to celebrate the first day of spring.
Al Kaviul Sarker Tanzim
Rajshahi University


Among all those festivals I am planning to observe, this February  the Ekushey Book fair and anti-autocratic students’ uprising day they are on top of my list. The Ekushey Book fair is rooted deep into my heart like all other Bengalis. Each and every page of a book is giving the rustic paper smell, in the place where creators are in harmony with their creations to raise their voices; I cannot simply miss it. The reason is books have the immense power to conquer our heart and drive our mind. And when spring comes; I usually do not celebrate the first day of spring in Bengali calendar like the most of others do; rather I love to be calm, always seeking for a lonely place to feel the change that is suffused with the wind, from the last couple of days of solemn and truculent winter. That feeling blesses me with peace and energy to revive. Last of all, regarding the issue of both Valentine’s Day and anti-autocratic students’ uprising day being on the same date, I am always drawn towards political history. History shapes the future of a nation though; often I smile pensively.

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