Jigsaw: the game has just begun

Saw movies are familiar among its fan-base for its grim violent story line. This brings another sequel, Jigsaw (2017). Riasat Raihan reviews the dark mystery thriller.


Well, it might have seemed that the Saw series was ‘game over’ when the final installment came out at 2010, there was still a lot of bloodshed to be had on big screen.
With little revisionist history, some new and confusing characters and even more disgusting traps to be hold, the 8th movie of Saw franchise has even more complex plot. So, let’s see how Jigsaw fits into overall puzzle, shall we? Face the spoilers or throw away the paper now!
One of the biggest questions facing Saw revival was how the filmmakers would deal with the demise of the movie’s primary antagonist, John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw. As a horror movie fan, I really like the idea of Jigsaw as he never had any supernatural powers like other horror movie characters. He was just a wickedly brilliant guy with a terminal case of cancer. So, imagine the audiences’ surprise when John Kramer shows up at the stage with a new grisly series of tests in Jigsaw. Yes, he is that guy whose body was laid down at the autopsy table at Saw IV and he is definitely alive when we see him in this movie and he hasn’t magically risen from the grave. Instead, his newest trap series takes place 10 years in the past, even though some clever editing suggest otherwise. And while it looks like there are five victims to bite the dust, there is one guy who secretly walks away from the whole thing. Logan Nelson, who’s been analysing new bodies popping up with Jigsaw puzzle pieces curved out of them seems like a nice guy throughout the movie, but until we get to see that he is actually Jigsaw’s secret protégé. As it turns out, early in his career, he mislabeled John’s brain scans, which may have made the difference in his treatment. But even though, Jigsaw outlaws him in the group game for his mistake, but gradually he changes his mind and decides not to punish Logan over an honest mistake and decides to train him instead. As the body count climbs, detective Halloren starts to suspect Logan’s Jigsaw obsessed assistant Elanor and for good reasons. She’s been recreating Jigsaw’s most infamous trap from dark web blueprints and seems oddly fascinated by his history. Once Logan’s old combat buddy detective Hunt catches wind over her sinister little studio, he starts to buy into the theory that Logan and Elenor both are involved in the Jigsaw killings. However, Logan plants some key evidence that points at Halloren being responsible for everything and sets up some final grudge to match with Halloren himself.
Later at the move we see, there are only three bodies that emerge from Logan’s games, which are fewer than the casualties of Jigsaw’s original scene. Jigsaw’s final two bodies have never been discovered and are still tucked away in Jill’s farmhouse. And in there where Logan wants to play his own final game with Halloren to make it a total of five players, with him being the sole survivor once again. After planting clues for Elanor to follow in the morgue, she thinks she’s leading him out of the locations, with Logan knowing full well that Halloren will follow. Once Halloren tries to nab them, he’s quickly overtaken by Logan, who advises Elanor to make a break for it and escape. That’s when Logan seizes the chance to put himself and Halloren into the final game. The voice over which has been dubbed on Jigsaw’s voice suggest that it’s John Kramer who has been running things and demanding confessions from the two. And it looks like Logan fails the test and taken out by the Jigsaw. But once Halloren makes his confessions, Logan wakes up after being seen he is dead and says, he is the mastermind behind this trap. And, Logan has made a game that Halloren cannot win.

Lastly, Elanor’s part in all of these is interesting to say the least. At first, she seems to be a perfect distraction for the investigators due to her extracurricular activities. And, she seems to be a budding love interest for the widower. In the end, Logan says, she is just a pawn to provide him with an alibi. But maybe there are more to her to meet the eyes. After all, Logan seems to be punishing Harlloren solely and now he brought his targets to justice, he has a life to go back to. Elanor seems just too weird enough to fill the shoes of Jigsaw emulator. She’s obviously good enough to build the traps and has no family to speak for her. Even though, she doesn’t know she has worked with Jigsaw’s latest protégé, she’ll find out probably because Logan won’t be able to explain Halloren’s death. Despite having all the weaknesses, the way the film is edited, that’s brilliant. And I am sure if you have watched all the Saw movies this one will give a creepy feeling down your spine!

Riasat Raihan is a member of the New Age Youth team.

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