When we were young

In the modern society, we dive into a sea full of hardship and struggle in order to fulfill our needs. Routines make it conventional as it offers us a monotonous life where we tend to forget that the journey of life is short. It is unique. The moments that define our lives fade away with the passage of time; rather the thoughts and memories remain in our hearts forever.

songFor most people, the memories of school life is something very valuable as it let us make friends and to experience a life full of joy and euphoria together. We escape into a world of peace and happiness as we relive those memories. It gives our lives a meaning. Similarly, the song ‘School’ by Arbovirus reminds us not to get too carried away amidst struggle and loneliness. Arbovirus released their third album, ‘Bishesh Droshtobyo’, on the 13th of January, 2017 in Russian Cultural Center. This was their first solo concert as well, after nearly 15 years since their arrival in the underground music scene back in 2003.

The lyrics cover and portray various elements such as the society, politics and nostalgia. Although every song has its own story, ‘School’ is a story that most of us have experienced. It is as if we find ourselves embedded in its lyrics and percussions. It is quite understandable since all the members of the band have various professions, yet they are highly motivated in producing songs that give our lives a meaning. Friendship, love and sacrifice make us who we really are and offer us the gifts of life.  The song speaks to people who are under circumstances such as being lonely or depressed due to various problems. School friends can never fail to add colour to our lives. Memories with them remind us of the times when things were less complicated. It gives us a reason to smile for.

I was quite fortunate to witness Arbovirus performing ‘School’ for the very first time in Dhaka Residential Model College. The experience was mesmerizing since it felt like I could slip into my memories briefly, while being surrounded by the closest of friends. This is what Arbovirus has constantly promised and they’ve delivered quite brilliantly.
Arbovirus has been trying their best to enrich the experience of their fans by putting more effort in the field of audio visual. They have released an acoustic live audio-video version of the album on YouTube. They also shot a music video for the song which takes place in a typical classroom filled with desks and benches. The musicians keep playing while being surrounded by friends – reminiscing and reliving old memories. Perhaps, it’s the love and empathy that have kept the band alive.

Arbovirus is well known for their energetic live performances along with a few unique acts on stage. Apart from smashing guitars on stage, painting their bodies, performing on rotating drums and appearing on national television, these musicians have given it all in order to communicate with their fans through their lyrics, riffs and solos.

‘School’ is an uplifting song with a very clear message in it. Sometimes we close our eyes just to see the things that we used to have. Reminiscing old memories reminds us of times when we were highly motivated and lets us accomplish challenges accordingly. This is what makes such songs a powerful tool for nostalgia.



Sameer Mohammad Mubeen
North South University

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