Call of duty : WW II


By Riasat Raihan

C-W5Z_tV0AAYktjCall of duty (COD), the gaming series has been a major part of my childhood. I first started playing call of duty 2 in 2005. So I have been playing call of duty for the last 13 years now. I’ve played each and every call of duty versions, so you can see that I have a decent grasp on call of duty games. WW II is the newest installment of call of duty franchise. And it’s purely awesome!

Basically, it focuses on the second  World War . So let’s talk about the campaign of the game. If you have played the campaign, you will notice that how lifelike it is. When you have a game like COD world war two that has a realistic setting, the graphic fidelity and the art style really shines through. It’s honestly very good photorealistic. The really cool thing about the campaign of this game is that it has some classic call of duty elements. If you’ve been playing this franchise since 2003, you are probably accustomed with having health regen. But, in WW II, it’s not there.  It also draws some similarities to call of duty 2’s campaign in terms of the level design and the enemy placement which I think would be pretty nostalgic for some COD players. The first mission of the campaign offers some great personalities and characters. This game has its own identity. It could be bad at sometimes and emotional at the same time. This game has different difficulty level just like other COD games. Veteran is the highest level of difficulty and recruit is the lowest. It took me 12-14 hours to finish the game with recruit level, but I am going to play the game again with veteran difficulty level.

The last few COD games have the ability to go with superhuman mobility which means you are basically in future. But In WW II, we have returned to the mid 20s, which is welcomed by the COD players overwhelmingly. The problem in tight areas while shooting makes shotguns and sub-machine guns the popular weapons of choices. In team death match and other classic modes, if you are a sniper fan your talent will shine in the war. The call of duty World War 2’s version of battlefield is a place where one side of attackers attempts to conquer multiple segments of a map one section at a time. Its multi face linear format makes it a prime battleground for long range weapons. The distorted format of assaulting and defending fits the d-day invasion perfectly as one of the three available operations.

This game will bring many old COD players to action and as well as it will draw some new players too as the hype is really high. They really need to capitalise by keeping the game fresh and fun with the new content on a regular basis. Let your commander in chief know, that you are ready for the WAR!


Riasat Raihan is a member of the New Age Youth team.

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