On video-gaming culture

There was time when outdoor games were the main pass-time of young people. Now, this space has been taken over by video games and advanced gaming consoles. The last few generations have been growing up playing video games, rather than playing outside. Nintendo has been replaced by X-Box and Play Stations, now it’s the time for the cell-phones and tablet computers to rule the gaming world. New Age Youth has spoken with the video game generation about their experiences and thoughts on this growing culture.

Taiyeba Hossain

TaiyeebaAs we start to adopt Play Stations and X-Box over outdoor sports and games we get confined within the frontier of the electronic devices. We are unable to escape its clutches as we are being more drawn to it. Being completely unnoticeable to our eyes, the need of outside sports very much lies in our lives as a void, while we are so much content with the delusion it comes with gaming. The cons to video games addiction are many; obesity is one. Back pain can also arise with high hours of gaming, other effects are eye problems and frequent headaches. With the evolution of technology, we begin to lose the sense of belongingness to a community as we barely seem to communicate to people and isolate ourselves within the deceptive world of technology. If we let technology and gaming rule over us, there would be days we all lose ourselves in the world of virtual reality and look away from the physical reality. So we are to bring and seek a change with immediacy. A change may not be evident in a day or hundred, but it will be seen with the progress of the initiative to bring a change.


Tasnuva Tasnim

South Point School & College

tasnuvaThe video gaming culture has influenced the last few generations a lot, especially the kids of 90s and onwards. People started to become obsessed about this gaming thing since the very beginning. Video games started to gain popularity from games like Pong, Spacewar etc. In 90s, Nintendo gained fame and took the video gaming culture to a whole new level. Next came Play Stations and X-Boxes which replaced Nintendo and made video gaming more overwhelming. With this fusion of gaming community people started to become anti-social. Kids who are to be playing outdoor games according to their age and live their childhood are becoming robotic. Not only that, it is affecting their eye-sight and health. So, I will come to the conclusion that instead of doing any good to us, the gaming culture is stealing our childhood.

Jafrul Mahin

mahinVideo games have been a huge part of my childhood. I have never been a part of a generation where we played anything outdoors. Video games are to us what playing football was to my father. If you are part of the social media generation, you probably know that playing video games is a real career now. The world is changing and video games are a huge part of that change. Try embracing it rather than criticising it. Give it go with an open mind and I am positive you will love it.


Khan Rafin Ahmed
BRAC University

Khan Rafin AhmedAs we all know, video gaming took over the young generation for over a decade. Back in late 1990s before computer gaming became popular, I used to be involved in many outdoor games such as cricket, football and others. But in early 2000, when purchasing computers became a lot easier, the video gaming culture started to take over. Playing regular outdoor games in the afternoon started to turn into visiting friend’s house and play games together. Thus, my involvement in outdoor games became irregular to totally extinct in few years. Fast forward to present time, the video gaming has reached its peak and has completely taken control over the young generation. There should be a balance between being involved in outdoor activities and playing video games to be physically fit. Outdoor activities don’t necessarily have to be playing outdoor games. They can be like cycling, walking or running with friends among other things.

Aareef Abrar
BRAC University

Aareef AbrarWith advancing gaming technology, outdoor games have been gradually replaced by video games. Video gaming has become more and more sophisticated with time, which is slowly taking our personal life. Where outdoor games allowed scopes for human interaction, video games have little of that. Our time is increasingly being engulfed by the virtual world. As a consequence, we are becoming less and less social. More and more interesting and time-consuming games are coming out, and people are becoming even more occupied with their phones, having no time to socialise.

Although excessive video gaming has many drawbacks, the concept of it can be used for some better purpose. Video gaming is a multibillion dollar industry. It accommodates jobs for many. Moreover, it is currently being used to train people in workplace, a concept known as game-learning. Excessive use of anything is harmful. Keeping that in mind, we should make proper use of video gaming to improve our lives.


Shafayet Bin Shams
American International University-Bangladesh

shafaetAs the world is now based on modern technology, it can be seen that the last few generations have been growing up playing video games on Nintendo, PS4 or X-Box rather than playing outdoor games. In the past 30 years, video games have had a major impact on how people spend their leisure time. The first generation of video games were nothing more than simple geometric shapes, one or more of which could be controlled by the game player. Each generation of games always uses the newest technologies available, leading to more impressive graphics and realism. Along with these new technologies come more realistic violent acts and situations. Also with each new generation of video games, people are spending more time and money on them. In this article the term video games is used to define any interactive multimedia in which the human game player has control over the main ‘character’ in a simulated game world.





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