International Women’s Day 2018

Women, confronting hundreds of years of repression, are coming forward today. They are working side by side with men. Their increased participation in the economic sector of this country only means that women are determined to break the stereotype and cross the unjust boundaries. As the nation has just celebrated the International Women’s Day, New Age Youth have asked young students to reflect on women’s struggle and journey towards equality.  

 Rohini Roy    

University of Alberta

rohiniThis woman’s day, let us learn to love and appreciate ourselves and each other. Love the woman who needs make up to look beautiful, love the woman who cannot pull off a dress, love the woman who works for her household, love the woman who works for her office. There is no certain way a woman needs to be. You can be ambitious, knowledgeable, shy, funny, angry or all at once. This woman’s day, let us promise each other mutual respect and spread some girl love. With love, a woman!

Humayra Jahan

Western Michigan University

humayraWomen’s day acknowledges the inspiring contribution of women as a mother, wife, daughter and a sister as well as a human being. It recognises the struggles that women had to endure in order to pave the path towards our development and the portion that they sacrificed to manifest ‘womanhood’ as what it is now. Despite our vivid understanding of feminism through the frequent awareness campaigns and media coverage of women’s accomplishments, it is still unfortunate to witness women striving hard to secure their rights and be accepted amidst the social taboos that barricade their freedom. It is therefore of no surprise when women’s rights are considered ‘anti-men’ according to some people. This notion is what women’s day pledges to eradicate. Women’s day should be that day when we express our gratitude towards our mothers, wives, daughters and sisters for their undying love and support. It is also when we consciously embrace the fact that everyday should be women’s day and advocating for women’s rights is not ‘anti-men’ but pro-human.

Taiyeba Hossain


IMG_20180209_233733_555With the progress of time, women’s career options have started to bloom. Furthermore, women are now more eligible to choose carrier options and jobs as they please while the inequality and gender discrimination are not quite taken in notice. Equality is established in several fields, at least on paper.

While looking to the good changes, we cannot look away from the crimes which are brought into light. Discriminations and crimes against women such as rape, child marriage, domestic violence, dowry and sexual harassment are seen to rise greatly with no necessary changes or improvements and initiatives being cited in its prevention.

It might not be always as easy as it seems to counteract the violence with immediacy but with the succour of necessary steps being taken, we can surely take a leap forth in its prevention. Changes might not result in a day or hundred but it will be evident if we all come together to demolish violence and protect women rights. And there will be a day we will be lighting our lamps of victory against violence.

Bachchu Shekh

Jahangirnagar University

bachchuWe live in such a society where women are frequently victimised by ‘gender discrimination’. This expression has been discussed, talked, learnt, even after that, these practices remain. Our society considers that women need to stay at home only and manage their husband and children. Although, these sort of negative attitudes restrict them to flourish their originality! But in our country, fighting with all the odds, women are significantly contributing to society, cultural and political areas and are taking our economy forward. I think women’s emancipation implies engaging themselves with development activities of our country. It’s time to prove that women are not only working for only recognition but also pressing for progress.

Khadija Rubaiyat Tasmia

University if Liberal Arts Bangladesh

RubaiyatI fully support and respect the significance of International Women’s Day. It is just not a randomly selected date; it has a history and a number of people’s contributions in making that history. When I say that I support having this day, I do not go against the idea of having a day for all other respective genders. The good thing is that many women in this country and abroad are aware of the subject ‘Women’s rights’ these days. However, we are still not free; awareness of a subject and understanding the subject are two entirely different things. I appreciate the people who are stepping forward to bring changes. But I shall still ask, when is this rape game stopping? When shall these sexual harassments, abuse and discrimination end?  When shall we have a position without being questioned about our character? When shall we have the liberty to wear what we want? When shall our marital status not affect our job interview or existing job position?



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