The man who can’t be moved


By Riasat Raihan

The Script, shot at the Dream Hotel, NYC

The Script, shot at the Dream Hotel, NYC

After Michael Jackson, now a days it is tough to find some good pop music. Pop, recently, has not been an easy genre for the musicians. Although, bands like OneRepublic, Lawson and some other bands have made a good effort in pop music. But very few acknowledge the fact that ‘The Script’ is the best we have in modern pop music. Perhaps, there is no better example than them in the field of pop music. The band from Ireland has had some hits to their name on UK top charts and US billboards over the years.
Their second single ‘The man who can’t be moved’ from their debut album The Script first released on 25 July, 2008. I’ve first heard this song back in 2011. Instantly it became an obsession of mine. I immensely love and enjoy their tune on this song. It isn’t too loud or too soft or too fast or too slow. This is a love song. I like this song because any love song has the potential to be one of my favorites. The whole track gives us an elaborate idea of a picture. It’s about a boy who is deeply in love with a girl, and he is determined to wait for her at any cost and want her to come back to him where they first met. The song came out in 2008 and back then phones were of course available. He is so committed that instead of seeking her out, he would wait for it to be on her heart and on her terms. Frontman Danny O’Donoghue’s husky voice painted the boy’s whole picture. Guitarist Mark Sheehan has said about this song, ‘I had an idea of a guy who’d broke up with his girl and lost total contact with her. What would he do? He would just go to the corner and wait by her.’
I definitely think this song is one of the powerful love songs ever composed. But it never gets the attention it should get. The Script certainly has made statement that they can make music to the highest level. This song has already been explored and accomplished with higher levels of competency. The Script might not offer much catchy songs in their albums. But this song, ‘The man who can’t be moved’ isn’t the first song of its kind, nevertheless the song is well executed with good lyrics that might pull the hearts of the lonely lovers.
Riasat Raihan is a member of the New Age Youth team.


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