The sad scenario of suicide

Suicide always means the untimely demise of a soul. People decide to take their own lives after an array of traumatic experiences, which, prompts them to believe in the meaninglessness of their lives. Reasons for committing suicide could vary. Recently, such incidents among youths are on the rise. Maureen N observes various reasons behind the rise and prescribes a way out.  

suicide_of_a_snail_642535Feeling unloved every once in a while is completely normal. We all have passed a period where we have felt like no one loves us — parents, friends, relatives. NO ONE! However, we do come out of that phase as well — we cry, we sleep over it, we forget. And there are always a few souls who come to us as the untimely Santa with gifts, flowers and cakes to prove our thoughts wrong.

Sometimes, some people do not come out of that thought, thought of leaving forever. Their disappointment on life travels so far that a few people putting the effort to cheer them up doesn’t work. Neither does the motivational speeches. Eventually, it leads the thoughts towards taking their own life to take over the control.

About 90% of the suicidal cases that we come across relates to the victim having a mental illness. Depression causing from loneliness or disappointment claims most of the lives among the suicides. I have had first-hand experience with victims as such, who talk about taking their life away. I have had mini heart-attacks when this person, this friend of mine, all of a sudden, didn’t respond to my texts. I have been among that handful, who tried their level best to keep this depressed person away from the suicidal thoughts, to make them feel good regardless of all the disappointments around them. There are genuine souls who care about your existence! It is not a good feeling, living with the constant fear of losing a loved one can be one of the worst mental tortures possible.

I came across stories of suicides. In one of them, the girl had tied up her legs before jumping off a six storied building. The reason you ask? She researched on suicide before doing it and found that while falling, the body has a way of resorting to survival method by moving the legs and positioning it in a way that when the body lands, the brain and heart will have the least injury – which might result in surviving. And thus, she makes sure that does not happen and that she dies for sure. I wonder what this person might have gone through to have such a strong determination, such dedication to not live.

‘Things are meant to be used, people are meant to be loved. The main problem of the world is that we use people and love things’ — this exactly is why people have suicidal thoughts. Nothing is truer than this. People do not care for others’ feelings nowadays. The large number of quotes that circulate around Facebook gives you the idea that you should show a middle finger to the world and do whatever you want as long as it benefits you. What they do not teach you or preach is that, if something benefitting you becomes the pain of another, it should not be your goal. Your sadistic pleasure can become the death of another.

We do not mature all of a sudden with age, we mature with experience. We mature by learning to get back up after we had a fall. We mature by learning to overcome the obstacles of life. But no matter how mature we are, sometimes the Cupid’s bow hits us in the wrong time and at that time maturity becomes a pile of cow dung left to be dried. We get used, treated like garbage and cheated on by the ‘love of our life’ pushing us into depression bit by bit until we start thinking that this life is not worth living. You know who is to be blamed for this? You are wrong if you are thinking that it is the ‘fuckboys’ who do this to innocent girls on a regular basis, or vice versa. It actually is the society we live in. From a very young age, directly or indirectly, we are given certain nonsense inputs into our brains: 1. life is nothing without love; 2. you are a slut if you have lost your virginity before marriage; 3. you are not a perfect woman if you could not keep your husband to yourself; and, 4. if you moved on quick, it means you never loved that person, and so many other hollow notions as such! These thoughts are what keep us away from getting over certain situations. Let’s not forget the opening that the social media give to these sadistic people. Posting screenshots of nudes and personal conversations are a common way of defaming people nowadays. More gossip for people, and a greater way of ruining the person’s life.

Love is important, of course, it is one of the main constituents that keeps us going. But can we please spread the word that it is not the end of the world?? Not greater than your parents or siblings who will suffer the rest of their lives thinking of you taking your life away, blaming themselves every once in a while.

They say the ones that commit suicide are cowards. I say they are the bravest ones on this face of earth. It takes a lot of guts to take your own life. But it is a form of bravery we do not want, we do not welcome, and neither is it something that is praiseworthy. For once, for the love you have for your life, THINK of the ones you love, before you take your life.

To the others, I request, do not play with a person’s life. Spare them even if they are at fault. You do not have the right to push someone to the edge. Peace.


 Maureen N. believes imperfection is perfection into a beautiful perspective.


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