ED Sheeran: perfectly ‘perfect’


By Taiyeba Hossain

songTalking of pop music, Ed Sheeran’s name can never go unnoticed and is very much present in our minds. He has been a constant hit in the field of pop music lately and since his first release, lots of awards have come his way for the amazing work.

ED has presented us with tracks not only to dance with but also with tracks like ‘Perfect’. The song ‘Perfect’ is from his latest album named ‘Divide’, which is one of the most record breaking and recognised songs that topped on every important chart. In YouTube it has successfully earned a million likes and views and conquered hearts of those who are lovers of pop music or lovers in general. It is the fifth track of the album ‘Divide’ which he has dedicated to his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn. In this song the singer talks about falling in love with his sweetheart while they were kids and merely had any understanding of love and feelings. He created a strong comparison of their similarities, wishes and hopes to share the same house in coming days. He talks of having a family with her and have kids, not free of problems but with love ruling over them all. The singer reassures his love that she is beautiful and perfect in her own ways while she complains she is a mess. He calls her an angel in person and doubts if he is quite deserving of her. The lyrics and the feelings the singer attached to the song have touched millions of hearts. With admiration for the song, it is to be added that the singer has expressed love on a different dimension. He sets the standards of his love higher with each line he sings, talking about the lady of his life. He calls her perfect and admires her with her imperfections and even when she was not in her very best. He sees a future in her eyes and calls her the strongest woman he has ever seen.  The melody of the song beholds and it maintains its romantic tone and genre, it is so soothing to ears and overwhelming to the heart that the ribs hammer with the beauty of the song and its beats.

In every part of this song, we see a picture of a man every girl dreams to have. The idea of a guy madly, deeply and immensely in love with his girl is portrayed and is seen to restore the faith in love in the hearts of the listeners. To me this is one of the power packed romantic tracks ever written and sung. It surely deserves the appreciation and undivided attention it strives for and is rightfully getting with time. The song has been successfully beating records and standing with tough competency. However, the whole album ‘Divide ‘ is a hit and has many beautiful tracks that will melt your heart away. ‘Perfect’ holds the greatest credit to pull off in the chart. Furthermore, the song can relieve the feelings of all those who have ever loved or those who are in love. The song surely manages to pull the strings of the hearts of the listeners with its amazing lyrics.

Taiyeba Hossain is a student of Scholastica.

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