By Sameer Mohammad Mubeen

gameCall of Duty has always been one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. With different studios working on the game with a three year development process, Treyarch’s Black Ops games have always been Call of Duty’s oddballs. Black Ops 3 has followed a similar path into a futuristic sci-fi world which offers gamers a unique experience about the warfare ahead of them. This was quite a challenge since the last game by Sledgehammer Games, Advanced Warfare, couldn’t live up to the hype. Fans didn’t appreciate the new movement style and the introduction to a futuristic scenario was already something quite risky to execute. Nonetheless, Black Ops 3 was destined for greatness as it was gracefully received by most Call of Duty veterans after its release in 2016.

The game offers a plethora of content along with new features that really set the tone for a greatly balanced game. This is the key element since game and gun balance triggers the pace and fluidity of the game in a positive manner. The campaign mode has been designed in a way to facilitate a cooperative 4-player game-play experience. The maps are bigger and more open for aerial dogfight or for running on the side of buildings, even in between them. The player can also customise the gear and appearance of the character along with gun modifications as well. Tokens can be unlocked by completing certain objectives in order to redeem crates to receive guns, gears, and attachments. Included in the game is the ‘Nightmares’ campaign mode, which is a repetition of the main campaign with the plot changed to support zombies and supernatural beings.

The Multiplayer has been the greatest attraction due to its perfectly balanced momentum-based game-play. Thrusters can be used to climb walls and also to ascend upwards while having complete control over the gun and aim. It also helps to boost the speed of the game by tactically moving to different points in the map. The introduction of ‘Specialist’ in the game has given particular roles to the players to compete at a higher level. The abilities of all the specialists are quite unique and it adds another dimension of strategy as players focus on certain roles and objectives with their respective specialist. Another rewarding aspect of the multiplayer is the exhaustively-revamped customisation. Almost every weapon can be modified with multiple attachments, custom emblems and distinctive paintjob. Personalisation and fast paced game-play have been prioritised for a unique multiplayer experience. The zombie mode takes us back in time, set in a 1940s film noir-inspired world of Morg City. It gives players a replay value since there are different outcomes in this gaming mode.

Jam-packed with meaningful and engaging content, Black Ops 3 has been the first-person shooter game that we were patiently waiting for. The campaign, being perfectly balanced and entertaining while the multiplayer rich with customization, it is undeniably a game we cannot miss out on.


Sameer Mohammad Mubeen is a student of North South University.     


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