Campus Newss..!

Gono University

Gono UniversityOn Saturday, March 17, Brinta a voluntary organisation of Gono University  held a candlelight vigil for the victims of US Bangla plane crash.


SahbaghOn Sunday, March 18, students of different ethnic communities under the banner of Student Movement against Ethnic Violence organised a rally at Shahbagh, Dhaka demanding justice for Chalesh Richil, a victim of extra-judicial killing.


DUOn Sunday, March 18, students of different universities and colleges demonstrating against quota system brought out a procession at Dhaka University campus demanding withdrawal of the case filed against at least 700 demonstrators on March 14.



CUOn Sunday, March 18, students affiliated with the Hill Students Association (Pahari Chatra Parishad), Chittagong University unit brought out a procession protesting against the abduction of two leaders of Hill Women’s Federation — Monty Chakma and Doyasona Chakma.


Comilla Victoria College:

comilla victoria collegeOn Tuesday, March 20, students of Commilla Victoria College organised a human-chain protest programme to demand justice for a fellow student Sohagi Jahan Tonu who was killed two years ago at Comilla Cantonment.


Students Federation

Student FederationOn Tuesday, March 20, the Bangladesh Students’ Federation brought out an anti-war rally at the University of Dhaka campus. It was organised on the Iraq Invasion Day to call an immediate end to war in Syria, ethnic violence against Ronhigyas in Myanmar.



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