She was a dreamer !

Ferdousi Priyabhashini embodied courage. She knew how to dream in the time of crisis. Young minds today write a few words in remembrance of the woman warrior she was.

Tasnuva Tasnim

South Point School and College

TasnuvaFerdousi Priyabhashini is one of the renowned female sculptors of Bangladesh. She won many awards and did many exhibitions showcasing her beautiful works. Her  sculptures are normally chiseled out from wood  such as logs and roots of dead trees,which is nature inspired. Her sculptures maintain a brilliant colour and texture combination which is simply gorgeous. Many of us know that she was not just a regular sculptor but also a brave warrior during the independence period. She was a woman who fought all her life for justice. She faced a lot of disappointment in life but never gave up. She got married at a very tender age and when she dreamt of being an artist her husband stood against it and for that her life was becoming a living hell and she separated. Throughout her early ages, she struggled financially, worked in jute mill to finance her education and maintain herself and her family. During the liberation war she was oppressed by the Pakistani army, she was raped not once but numerous times by those obnoxious perpetrators. After these traumas, she still didn’t give up her life. She was titled as one of the heroic women of our country. Ferdousi Priyabhashini’s struggle and art teaches us that life is not a bed of roses and giving up is not the only solution but struggling sure is. She should be every woman’s role model for her bravery and talent. May her departed soul rest in peace.


Taiyeba Hossain


taiyebaFerdousi Priyabhashini — a woman of utmost courage defeating wars but not being defeated herself. She was the first woman to admit herself as ‘Birangona’ in public, a term to recognise rape victims of the Liberation War. Being brutally tortured and raped mercilessly by Pakistani army officials, she hadn’t given in but kept her life going embedding the misery and giving a rebirth to her woven dreams.

With the start of her career as a school teacher, she embarked on becoming one of the best sculptors in the history of Bangladesh. Looking at the numerous honours she received, until 2016, she wasn’t given the identity of a freedom fighter that she rightfully deserved. With her sudden demise the whole country is grief-stricken and still in loss of words to put such a loss to! The country has lost a gallant warrior, which she was in both life and the battles she fought.

She is an idol to every women there is struggling or are suppressed but even those who fear to embrace the beauty of their dreams. Despite so many reasons to give up , she rose with her keen will to keep going. She is to forever remain in hearts as an exemplary woman to look up to and someone who never knew to give up.


Maisarah Ashraf Anonya 

University of Chittagong

maisarah‘Birangona’ is a recognition given to those stout-hearted women who had fallen victim to rape and other sexual violence during our 1971 war for liberty. Today’s tale is about the first lady who officially spoke in front of the media about her and the other women’s everlasting agony cause by the Pakistani soldiers. But were they fruitful in their deeds? Could they actually bend her? She ascertained the art of using the wound instead of nurturing it within herself. This led her to the pinnacle of success. A successful wife and mother, an eminent sculptor, speaker all these titles she held removing the tag of ‘War Booty’ was all, a superhero can do. That’s what she is to me, to many. Her no longer existing in the world is heart bleeding. But look at all those exquisite sculptures she has made, we will always find her in them.  She is none other than Ferdousi Priyabhashini.


Zaara Zareen

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

zaaraLike countless people, I too was deeply saddened by the demise of our beloved Ferdousi  Priyabhashini. In a world where girls are used to stay silent about the various kinds of harassments they have to endure, she is the strong voice that stands as our guidance. I have had the privilege of meeting this beautiful person back in 2013. Meeting her upfront and hearing her speak, I was in awe! Being put through inhumane torture day after day, the way she rose up from the ashes is beyond inspirational. We girls really need to have her as a glaring reminder in times we think it’s over for us. Her life teaches us that you do not need to dim yourself down for anyone.




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