Flora Cash- You’re somebody else


By Noor Ul Huda

song reviewFlora Cash is a duo composed of Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj-Randall who met on Soundcloud and has been recording songs since 2012. This power house of a couple has generated more energy and nostalgic euphoria in their songs that touch the very core of anyone’s soul. Among 32 composed songs, the one that really stands out is ‘You’re somebody else’.

We all deal with psychological issues from time to time when therapy is the only route to betterment. In any kind of relationship, there is always room for self-improvement in all sectors of life. Through the narration of the song, Cole is trying to tell somebody in pain that the realisation of an action takes time, that he saw the part of that someone which they shall also see with time, when they get older. The song is more driven from the perspective of conversing with someone, trying to figure out their inner self while conflicting with the persona of the outside. Self-therapy if you might call it. The environment and the people around you play a vital role in your development and approach, sometimes making dire choices in situations where it’s steadfast to do so, hence, the lines ‘go forward slowly, it’s not a race to the end’. The mixture of melancholy and realisation is intimidating, yet revealing of a truth. The feeling of isolation and contentment within the dark corners is homely when you have conflicting thoughts that you don’t know how to deal with. ‘You were the better part of every bit of beating heart that I had’ is such a beautiful line of assurance that feels tainted and old now. But that’s a reawakening that the fight is still on. Conflict between who you are with whom you are not is one of the major focus points of this song. The chorus is repetitive, constantly reminding how one belongs to the inside and portrays himself from the outside, ‘Well you look like yourself/But you’re somebody else/Only it ain’t on the surface…Well you talk like yourself/No, I hear someone else though/Now you’re making me nervous.’

Flora Cash has worked like a remedy for me. Their songs have a way of reaching out to people who are in need of therapy or a positive change in life. Inspiring, soothing and worth the minutes- this is the simplest way to put this song into words.

Noor Ul Huda is a student of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.



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