Independence Day, 2018

Bangladesh has just observed its 47th Independence Day. On this occasion, New Age Youth

asked students to reflect on the meaning of independence.

Suha Hussein

Cordova International School

SuhaThe 26th of March, 2018 marks the 47th year since the birth of Bangladesh. A country that did not have any recognition until its revolt against tyranny! If we look back in history, we’ll see that Bangladesh is, indeed, the first country to strike a war having its roots in the love for their language – Bangla. To have gone into a war in which the aftermath could probably result in a grievous defeat and that too with such bravery, fury and courage – the feeling alone triggers a sense of exquisite, harmless pride and pure patriotism. The Internet has surely made researching historical events effortless. So for this Independence Day, I sat at home and realised I wanted to know more about my country’s heritage. So I began my research by watching the most powerful political speech of all time by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. A quote that stuck in my mind was, ‘Face the enemy with whatever you have.’ It was spoken in Bangla, of course.
It has been 47 years since that speech and it’s still powerful enough to get you thinking.
The video was only 14 minutes long and after that, I took out the book I bought a long time ago, 1971 written by Humayun Ahmed. It was a book that I had reserved for an occasion as this. And so with a cup of tea, in the quiet afternoon, I read. I think it’s vital that we keep learning. And learning about the day that marked the very beginning of our freedom as a nation is obligatory as a sacred prayer for me.

Adrita Roy

Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College

adritaIndependence is not just an ordinary word for us Bangladeshis as we fought for it and struggled hard to gain it through a war in 1971. Now it is 2018 and Bangladesh recently celebrated its 47th Independence Day. It was an emotional journey for many of us. Obviously I paid my heart and soul into respecting the martyrs of our liberation war and also went through the history that gave birth to our Bangladesh. On the 26th March of 2018, I prayed for Bangladesh to progress more, to gain independence in true sense in all parts, to be able to raise our voice against all the wrong-doings, to be able to take a part in making our country more proud and to lead our country to progress day by day. The independence of Bangladesh will truly be meaningful when all of us will be able to make our country a peaceful and democratic one by hard work. I hope we can achieve a beautiful Bangladesh one day so that the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs will get what they envisioned.

Md Tarek Aziz Bappi 

University of Dhaka

TarekIndependence Day reminds us the nine-month long struggle for independence, the unique history of thirty lakh people’s ultimate sacrifice for this country. This year I observed this glorified day differently. I planned to visit the Museum of Independence located at the historical Suhrawardy Uddyan. When I reached there I tried to commemorate the 7th March of 1971, it was like I looked back on the day when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman called for independence, right from this place. I felt thrilled! Entering inside the underground museum I saw archived pictures from newspapers and other memorable pieces from the days of struggle. I looked into the events of 1971  day by day. I think this visit has made me much informed about our glorified liberation war and independence.

Md Jurain Billah

Mohammadpur Central College

jurainIndependence or freedom means a lot of things — personal, verbal, basic rights and freedom of so many other things. In simple words, independence is the freedom to lead an honest life, a life of peace. Whoever is against this, they are the ones who want to oppress people. The people who gave up their lives, throughout the history, in the name of freedom, are true heroes. We have gained independence; however, we must say that we are not free given the contemporary socio-political scenario of our country. To attain the ultimate freedom is the demand of every citizen. So, to mark the Independence Day of our nation, let us vow to lead a life of honesty, peace and tolerance.


Sofia Kamal

United International University

sofiaOn March 26, Bangladesh commemorates the declaration of independence. When I was a school girl, I used to celebrate this day by hoisting national flag, doing parades and singing the national anthem. Things are not same like before, now I celebrate this day in a completely different way. This year I celebrated Independence Day by wearing red and green saree as a symbol of our flag, attended a cultural programme which makes me feel the sacrifices of the martyrs for this country and heard patriotic songs. Patriotic songs motivated me to do something for the sake of my country in every possible way. This type of cultural programme motivates us to do something for our own country and it help us to know the value of this special day.


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