Campus news…!


ULABOn Sunday, March 25, a group of students from University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh have protested at assaults on students in front of their Dhanmondi campus.


JUOn Sunday, March 25, Jahangirnagar University students have drawn the longest alpona (street art) of Bangladesh in remembrance of the victims of mass genocide in 1971.


DUOn Sunday, March 25, Chittagong Hill Tract Students’ Council’s University of Dhaka section lit candles and organided a discussion session remembering the victims of Kalampati mass-murder of 1980 at the Jagannath Hall Shahid Minar.


APOn Monday, March 26, Amader Pathshala has arranged cultural programme participated by underprivileged children and wall magazine to commemorate the Independence Day at their Mirpur, Dhaka premises.


IUBOn Tuesday, March 27, admissions and financial aid office of Independent University, Bangladesh IUB organised a daylong Open Day and Admission Fair at their permanent premises.


APOn Monday, March 26, University of Canterbury, New Zealand’s ‘Bangladesh Society’, the group of Bangladeshi students there have observed Independence Day.





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