Bangladesh- in eyes of foreign students

In recent years, many international students have had called Bangladesh their home. This feeling comes from living here for a longer period of time for study purpose. During this period, many have come to love the cuisine, culture and people. Some have picked the language too. This country becomes a place of freedom and cultivating new experience for them. Three foreign students have shared their experience in Bangladesh with New Age Youth.


Sirajo Ismail Isah


sirajoWHEN I came here from the Giant of Africa (Nigeria) to Bangladesh on the 12th of October, 2014, the first thing I experienced was that of cuisine and the environment entirely, though I came when the weather wasn’t that lamentable for me. I was about to see if I could actually live on my own in a foreign city. While moving around after few days here went hand-in-hand with learning a lot of new things, it also changed my perspective of life even though it wasn’t noticeable at first.

From the very beginning, I thought dwelling in a foreign city can be unsettling, particularly the thought of leaving my family and friends behind. Especially when I don’t know anyone, starting over was inevitable.

However, I made the most of those aforementioned new things I normally wouldn’t do back home. For example, finding exciting ways to familiarise myself with a new city. Went out, tried new restaurants, engaged myself in some extracurricular activities, basically played football which is my main recreational activity here in Bangladesh, I also had a great privilege to play a tournament at a village in Chattogram. The joy I amassed from the game was just an overwhelming one and I learnt to speak different phrases of the local language.

Finally, and most importantly the experience in pharmacy school totally differs from all other experiences that I’ve gained, it cumulated all in one figure.


Yen Chiao Wen


YenI CONSIDERED signing up for a study abroad program in Bangladesh while I was at my university. By spending some time in abroad, not only will your language skills improve greatly, but you will also come home with a new global perspective. Furthermore, you’re sure to make lots of new friends if you enroll at any foreign exchange student programme, not to mention the newfound feeling of independence that you will surely enjoy.

Four months is really a short time, however, time is not of that importance, but rather the moments and feelings shared among the people around you are. You can spend one year with someone and you are still nothing but an acquaintance or you can spend a mere month with someone and feel as if you have been together for a lifetime.

The sad part is sometimes these feelings are not reached until time separates this physical touch from each other.

Nonetheless, the emotions are still there and the hands of time will once again bring together that which was separated.


Usman Mohammed Tomsu


tomsuIT’S a great pleasure of mine to write and express with whole heart the true situation of things and their places in this great country, Bangladesh.

My four and half year’s life in Bangladesh is characterised by mixed feelings. Although I missed my country, however, life in Bangladesh has been worthwhile. Making new friends, learning new language and living on an entire new cuisine are some of the best of experiences that came my way. I have adapted to the new environment, their kind of local dishes and of course, the Bengali language, which makes it easier to communicate with the local community.

I now cherish Bangladesh, the people and most importantly their hospitality. Worth cherishing is the ride on rickshaw, visiting different districts and spending nights there.

Having lived in this peaceful nation for over four years and been in administrative position I have seen, observed and experienced a lot here, and I can conclusively say Bangladesh is a home on another land for locals and international dwellers considering the hospitable and welcoming nature of its original inhabitants.


Faruq Bashir


faruqMY FIRST day in Bangladesh was a great day. I traveled thousands of miles from my beloved motherland Nigeria to come here. Rickshaw was the first thing I saw which caught my attention.

My purpose of being in Bangladesh is to study. I’m among the lucky ones who got admission in the Islamic University of Technology (IUT) in the academic year of 2014/2015.

I’m so much happy for getting the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) scholarship to study in a friendly environment like Bangladesh. IUT is an international university which provides all the necessary facilities to the students who get the OIC scholarship; the students of IUT are living in the school dormitory with other necessities like medical care, food, security and pocket allowance backed up by the scholarship. IUT is a conducive educational arena with lot of educational and research facilities which help both students and teachers in achieving the learning objectives.

My experience while studying here in Bangladesh is amazing, it gave me knowledge, experience and notion through both curricular and extracurricular activities in the university. I am a proud member of Technical and Vocational Education Department, with specialisation in Mechanical Engineering. The salient feature of my department is devotion and contentment. I love my university and my department.

Finally, I would like to admire the people of Bangladesh for their kindness and hospitality towards the international students.



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