Road safety in Bangladesh

Traffic accidents and casualties are nothing uncommon in our country; however, the consequences are rather intimidating. Recently, a student lost his hand, and his life later on, in a road-accident which shook the country. Young people have shared their thoughts on road safety in Bangladesh with New Age Youth.


Adrika Khan

Manarat Dhaka International College

adrika.jpegHOW often do you hear yourself complaining about bumpy roads, reckless drivers or poorly-maintained vehicles? Every time you are on-the-go, right? Well yes, with thousands of road-accident death tolls across the year, Bangladesh roads do not definitely fall into the ‘safe-roads’ category, under any terms. And who is to blame for it? The untrained drivers who would graciously break traffic-laws, the corrupted sergeants who would let a traffic-offence go off-record in exchange of a few bucks or simply us, who would habitually ignore the foot-over bridge and cross roads on foot; we all are to be blamed. But, with strict law enforcement, things can be better. And, a little consciousness in our part won’t hurt either.


Towfikul Islam

Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology

towfiqul 1WHEN in Bangladesh, road accidents leading road hazards, physical injury, mental trauma and death are very common phenomena as breathing air is to any living being. The term ‘road safety’ still bears no meaning to the common people of the country. Everyday a lot of us are becoming victims of this common issue and seeking justice from the government, however, neither of the issues is resolved.  These days we have almost reached to the peak of ‘raising social awareness’ but due to the lack of strict maintenance of law from concerned authority none of us are safe in vehicles or in roads, still. For a developing country like Bangladesh, failing to ensure road safety and allowing its citizen to perish is not only tragic but unacceptable!


Taiyeba Hossain


taiyebaROAD safety is yelled at the top of our voices yet it is never ensured. With growing number of population and vehicles, the present condition of roads and its safety is only deteriorating.

With unplanned urbanisation and motorisation, higher numbers of road accidents are being witnessed daily. Reckless driving has also been a major cause of accidents taking place all over the country, some of which causes injuries while others cost lives and damaging families in the long  run.


Moreover, the overall conditions of roads are mainly in very poor condition due to poor techniques, low quality materials and maintainance. And the drivers that are often seen to violate traffic rules are also to be blamed as they put lives at stake, though the law enforcement seem to be indifferent on this issue. Over speeding of vehicles are often translated into gruesome accidents causing valuable lives.

With immediacy we are to seek a change. Road safety education can be a way to promote safety and it can, in turn, decrease the numbers of accidents even if by little. The introduction to strict punishment for those who violates traffic rules can be brought into account. While travelling in public transports, passengers should protest against excessive speeding and reckless driving. This is the high time; the citizens of Bangladesh have to take the task in their hands because it is their lives, which are at stake now. .

Maisarah Ashraf

University of Chittagong

MaisarahRoad safety issues are a burning subject in Bangladesh for long. Thousands of lives had been claimed on the roads, many more families had lost their only livelihood. In order to make the roads safe for all the ordinary people, I have some suggestions.

  • Defensive driving according to weather & road conditions
  • Quit speeding up
  • Wearing seat belts in any condition
  • Using zebra-crossing
  • Training for handling crisis situation

Above all, increasing awareness among people, by adding up the topic to various fields like education, social awareness programmes would play a great role. These might not provide any drastic change in the road accident statistics, however, in long run, maintaining these might help to reduce the astonishing numbers.


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