Life in a public university hall

Public university halls are a major mode of accommodation  for the bulk of students. Unfortunately, for long, universitydormotories have been havocked by political party student wings, miserable living condition and forced  ‘ manner-teaching’, infamously known as ragging. Current students share their lives in public university halls with New Age Youth.

Interior of a guestroom in a public university hall.

Interior of a guestroom in a public university hall.


‘ WHEN it is about grabbing a seat in the hall and maintaining dominance over that particular student, most of my friends pretend as a believer of the ideologies of a particular political party. It is rarely, that I hear about distribution of a seat, in a legal process. Even though it happens, it really takes a long time compared to the ‘being political member’ method. However, just for the sake of that seat in the hall, one has to compromise a lot. Getting a seat often demands- not attending the classes to join the political procession, responding to Boro Vai’s (seniors) phone calls in middle of the class, beating up other friends of another party or of non-political parties and so on. Students, who gain seat through political channels, whether they want or not, cannot help but participate in these mishaps just for their legal right to stay in a hall. ’


‘WHAT can I say about the nastiest politics going on around public university hall seat distribution system? In today’s reality, every residential halls of a public university has turned into the torture cells of the ruling party student wing, Chhatra League. There is no value of general students’ personal interests or choices. Almost every day, there is ‘guestroom time’ that starts from 10 pm at night and runs till 1 am or 2 am where every general students are bound to explain their tasks of that day like- whether they given Salam (greetings) to Boro Bhais (seniors), whether they have participated in the political programs or not. If satisfactory answers don’t come, rough condemnation and physical torture using cricket stamps or metal rod will come in operation.
If somebody dares to criticise or disobey their commands, that student will get kicked out from hall with an especial derogatory political tag. More mental torture will follow that student till his last days on campus.
I have seen Hall administrations don’t bother or care for these issues. They play no role to save that student. I have seen hall provost and hall’s political leaders teamed up for these torment sessions as if it is some kind of caucus.
Nobody cares about general students’ right or their mental betterment. Year after year even through decades, political leaders are residing in halls, long after the expiration of their studentship, capturing genuine students’ right. Even they keep their relatives and totally outsiders in halls in exchange of money. Day after day, these political leaders take meals from hall canteen without paying a dime, ultimately, the owners adjust the deficit by lowering the food quality, the sufferers are also the general students here.

Political student leaders occupy single room for personal accommodation, devouring space for three other students. On the other hand, general students live a miserable life in congested dirty rooms, filled with bedbugs and other unhealthy elements. In the first day of my hall life, I had to share a normal size room with my other 39 other  fellows, which is, astonishingly, very common as there were rooms where hundreds had to share. Hall provosts wear tinted sunglass on these issues.
Where is the end? We want freedom! We want to  live without fear! We want to get an education friendly environment! ’


The present seat distribution system in the public university halls should be reformed, that’s what I think about this issue. We see well lighted carnival of corruption but this is still out of anyone’s concern. What a mockery! Nasty politics and failed administration are two of the major reasons behind this loss. Without getting involved in politics no student can get a seat in the halls, period! So, getting involved into politics is the only solution to secure a seat in the hall and then comes the question of surviving in hall politics. To protect yourself or to dominate, in many cases actually to survive; a general student has to become a political goon. Later on, consequently, he starts to exploit others like grabbing single room illegally, renting rooms to outsiders, taking free food from canteen or forcing juniors to do unethical tasks. The irony here is that university and hall administrations are politically biased; as the house tutors and provosts are politically appointed. And most of them, apparently, lack their back-bones, like the puppets in a doll’s house. As outcome of these anarchies, many students get derailed from their path of study. So, to remain on the track for the betterment and bearing in mind the bright future of our students, this system needs a restoration above anything.


One thing that I particularly noticed about the political grab in the girls’ hall is that, they handpick good looking girls to go in front of the processions. This is demoralising in the sense that girls’ are doing this to girls. The girls are asked to put on nice dresses or saris, with good makeup so that the procession looks good. If some of these freshers get seats legally and leave the political rooms, the leaders would still go and search for them. There is another thing that highlights the political rule, political girls usually have a separate register log for themselves, that is a direct violation of administration but yet they keep this log in the entrance. This way, political leaders bring in girls who are not even attached with a hall.


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