Indalo’s I.S.D


By Riasat Raihan

song reviewINDALO is a Bangladeshi rock band lead by former ‘Black’ front man Jon Kabir. The band was formed in 2012. Jon and band’s guitarist Zubair are very close friends adding a bit of chemistry in the band line-up. By jamming together, they formed Indalo! Along with them, Dio of Nemesis plays drums and Titu, ex-bassist of Ashor playes bass with them but later he left and Bartman joined as a bassist.
Even after leaving Black, Jon was never off of music. Jon and his new band members used to do different kinds of live shows around the country. Later, they started to perform under the name ‘Indalo’ and in 2013 they released their first single I.S.D. This song has also been featured in their debut album. In broad terms, their music falls under the rock genre. But in this song, they have a mixture of Indie rock. Arctic Monkeys fans could relate to Indie rock genre after listening to I.S.D. The song is beautifully penned by Zubair. And as always, Jon never fails to impress you with his amazing voice and unique style of delivery. Fans might found out that Indalo is heavily inspired from Radiohead, Peral Jam and Audioslave. And if you listen to their songs you will get a vibe of those bands for sure, especially with I.S.D. Their guitar work is brilliant which is apparent throughout their tracks. In guitar, the riff part is played by Zubair. That part starts in the second half of the song and it is the best part to me. It sounds so perfect with the help of Jon’s vocals. Titu did a great job in bass part. He has always been very versatile in bass guitar. We all know Dio from Nemesis, he is one of the best drummers of our country. It was great to see Jon back in some rock action. Rock music admirers were little low when Jon left Black. Black is one the of revolutionary rock bands of our country, if not the pioneer of a generation. We all grew up listening to Black and Jon. So, it was really uplifting for rock music lovers to see Jon back. And he came back with a great song.  The lyrics are amazing. In short, it’s absolutely brilliant. Each and every line is connected and it’s a treat to hear. No song is complete without some love for a girl. We all try to put words for our love and even for our broken love, we try to put it into some music. Agree or not, this thought comes first every time or at least once a while making some good music.
It’s actually a really good thing that talented musicians are coming together and making some really good music. Indalo’s journey has just started. Surely, they will surprise us again with their new songs in near future!

Riasat Raihan is a member of the New Age Youth team.

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