Youngsters see suicide differently

Human beings, when unable to bear the unbearable burden of being, commit suicide, leaving a grieving family and friends. Nowadays, suicide rates among youths are going north. Study pressure, failed relationship and lack of emotional support from the family are some of the major reasons behind this act. New Age Youth have asked young minds to share their thoughts about suicide.   

Maisarah Ashraf Anonya

University of Chittagong

Maisarah Ashraf (Anonya)I HAVEN’T been lucky enough to realise that death is not the only way out. The stigma of suicide had a huge toll on my life at many points. It’s not only suicide to shield someone from, but the rationale behind it should also be discussed. Adversity, fear, bullies, attempt of decorating a ‘perfect’ image in the society, and yes sometimes nothing which happened in my case. When there’s no last resort left, then, it’s the death which works as a spark. When our mind rests in peace, all that remains is our lifeless wandering limb. Most of our cells give up. At this state, we need braces to stick to, we want someone to hold our hand to get away from that thought of self destruction. There’s where the role of a family, fellow companion and a society begins. Once and for all, one always needs to look into the bright side with deep belief even if there are none.

Sofia kamal

United International University

Sofia kamalSUICIDE is an unnatural way of death. I knew a newly married woman who committed suicide. Domestic violence was the main reason for that. I don’t know whether it is a coincidence or not, people who committed suicide I know, are mostly woman. In our country women are usually taught to hold their emotions, thus they become unable to express their feelings to their family members. Women expect support from their family but somehow they don’t get it, in majority of the cases. Out of frustration, they decide to quit their life to stop their pain. I think this problem can be solved if our family members create a friendly relationship with each other which is supportive and holds a great understanding. It will give them the confidence and a hope to go through their struggles.


Taiyeba Hossain


Taiyeba HossainSUICIDE is a very common occurrence in the society we reside in. Time and again, the reign of terror runs down through the veins of those who are severely depressed. Suicide is being repeated with not one but many in number yet no signs of awareness or necessary steps are being taken in its prevention, except for  ‘Suicide’ being highlighted in bold text in news headlines. Young people who are engulfed by their daily doses of depression from life are very more likely to commit suicide, if they don’t get enough support from friends and family. My friend’s brother was no different as he gave a cold shoulder to depression and embraced death to make it stop hurting, while leaving his family grief-stricken and numb to such a loss. Depression is never talked out aloud but it’s high time we started to see it otherwise. Let’s talk about suicide openly and be sympathetic, hopeful to those who are seeking death by forms of suicide. Although it isn’t always easy to identify people who have the potential to commit suicide but with forms of conversational hints, change in behavioural traits we can trace them. Take notes such as isolation of oneself, those who often discuss about different prospects of suicide, we are to help them with immediacy. The reassurance from family and their kind words can often provide solace to such people, to an extent though. We are to acknowledge how they weep with pain all alone but never verbally ask for help. Oh how their silent cries calls us out to save them. They really don’t want to die and have mixed feelings about death but it’s their pain that doesn’t alleviate, they are at that point where they lose all the will to try again. We are to tell them life is a gift and so are they. And they have fought for long now, and fighters don’t quit.They’re to fight depression and get themselves off the clutches of depression to a world where possibilities await them, and so does success.



Arundhati Roy

University of Sydney

Arundhati RoyIF I say life is a war, then what are we? Warriors? Well, maybe. And hence, our society is divided between winners and losers. Where winners walk with pride and jubilance; losers chose the path of ending their lives, in short, suicide. Suicide has become a common phenomenon nowadays. Suicide is often caused by perpetual depression, domestic violence, substance abuse et cetera. People mostly give up on their lives when they are helpless and at their most vulnerable state. While the statistics show increasing amount of suicides among the youths,  there are ways to stop it as well, if not, then at least the number can be decreased with a little bit of support, love and care from their families. All we need is to make them believe that, ‘Yes, we are there for you’. A small hand in the darkest times can help us save a life.

Tasnuva Tasnim

South Point School & College

Tasnuva TasnimSUICIDE is a kind of bipolar action. People usually commit suicide when they’re depressed or impulsive. Committing suicide is considered as a shameful act in almost every religion, culture and society. The cases of suicide are increasing everyday especially among the teenagers. Nowadays, most of the teenagers remain depressed due to several reasons like betrayal in love affair, study pressure, family problems and the list goes on. I’ve seen a teenager committing suicide due to study pressure since she couldn’t digest the immense load of her studies so she chose the path of giving up her life. But often, suicidal people forget that suicide is not the only option. Suicide takes away the bright future which waits for us. Suicide doesn’t only take the life of a person but also destroys the life of their family. According to my personal experience, family can play a big role in reducing the suicidal cases. They can support the suicidal person with love and care.

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