Save the Nature-2018

On the face of rampaging urbanisation, humans are becoming desolated from nature, and creating reasons which seriously harm the nature. It has come to the younger generation to take care of their surroundings now. In order to create awareness among the young generation about the importance of nature and ways of preservation, Nature Conservation Initiative has organised a festival titled ‘Save the Nature-2018’ at Jahangirnagar University premises. Nushrat Chowdhury shares her experience of attending it.    


Children taking part in an art-competition.1Living in one of the most densely populated countries, it is evident from our surroundings that nature is destroyed every moment by human activities. Still there are people who inspire us to conserve and love our nature. One of them is Gohor Ali from the northern district Noagaon. When some students of Jahangirnagar University found him, he was at his 70s and hardship of life had led him to begging.  But he did surprising things for the last 50 years of his life – he planted over ten thousands jujube trees in the abandoned areas nearby his village and on streets. Then he collected jujube seedlings from house to house and planted them and took care of them.  He is no more but before departing, he taught us a great lesson that we are a part of this nature and we should take of it. He did not have any formal education, knew nothing about climate change, global warming, pollution and other calamities threatening our nature. But still he cared about the nature.  That’s the inspiration behind Nature Conservation Initiative (NCI) and it began its journey on February 3, 2013.

From the Beginning, this club tried to create awareness among the students about the importance of nature and our relationship with it. Along with their monthly meetings, they observed a variety of international days concerning nature including water day, environment day et cetera. Moreover, they have launched workshops on biodiversity conservation and staged protest against all nature threatening activity. They also took initiative to preserve the habitat of exotic blue lily at the campus of Jagangirnagar University (JU). Each year from their inception, they planted trees in rainy season in the already green JU premises. The aim of NCI is to aware the youths about the beneficiary factors of the floral and faunal part of the nature, manmade hazardous effect on nature and finally the way of conservation of the nature.

Prize winning participants of the festival

Prize winning participants of the festival

The mission of this organisation is to enhance youth participation for the conservation of the nature by making them aware of the importance of the nature and its relationship with humankind as well as other animals. This year, NCI got the prestigious ‘Save the Nature-2018’ from Prokiti O Jibon Foundation. As an organisation, spreading the message for conserving nature is their primary motto.

Nature Festival, one of the biggest gatherings of nature enthusiasts in Bangladesh, is organised by NCI. In ‘Nature Festival- 2018’ around three thousand students of different schools, colleges and universities gathered at the Jahir Rayhan auditorium of Jahangirnagar University this year on April 6. The theme was ‘Reduce Pollution, Save the Nature’.

In this day long festival, several programmes took place, all focusing on different important aspects of saving our nature. Among many sessions, photography exhibition, workshop on the awareness for the conservation of nature, motion pictures, art competition of children, debate contest, quiz test and project model/ idea showcasing were some of the most attractive ones for the participants.

During the fest, the main attraction of the audience and participants was the ‘Oath Tree’. The tree held the symbol of good wishes and deeds. Interested people wrote their oaths in colorful papers and pasted those on the tree as leaves. One of the audience wrote on his leaf- ‘Every day I’ll dispose plastic waste in the bin’. A school girl promised that she’ll not waste water during brushing her teeth. At the end of the day, the tree was filled with leaves.

There were seven project models were showcased during the programme. Among these models worth mentioning were problems with genetically modified polyethene, low cost sapwood filter and ecofriendly model city. These projects came from Bangladesh University of Professionals, Jahangirnagar University and other schools and colleges.

The inauguration ceremony started just after the arrival of professor Dr Farzana Islam, vice-chancellor of Jahangirnagar University, as the chief guest. In her speech she said, ‘We shall love our nature and try to nurture its components from our own place’.  She also appreciated the initiative of the nature fest and hoped that the students would spread the importance of mother nature to every corner of the country and make a better place for the next generations. Md Jahirul Islam Chowdhury, the president of NCI said that the mission of the festival is to create awareness not only for the betterment of Jahangirnagar University but also for the overall improvement of nature and environment in the country. Professor Dr Monowar Hossain Tuhin, the chief advisor of NCI wished in his speech that every person of Bangladesh would be sensible about the environment that we are surrounded by. Everyone would come forward to protect our nature. The volunteers and members of the club actively supervised the whole festival. The programme was wrapped up with the prize giving ceremony.

Nushrat Chowdhury is a student of Jahangirnagar University.

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