How creative is srijonshil question?

Since 2008, Srijonshil examination system has been a concern for the school and college level students and teachers. This system is well designed to bring out the best in students’ knowledge gathering and understanding. However, young people have showed concerns on this system for the lack of quality teachers and their ability to make the students understand. New Age Youth shares some students’ reaction on this question pattern.

Adrita Roy

Birshrestha Noor Mohammad Public College, Dhaka.

adritaI WAS an SSC candidate of 2017. Creative question style was introduced to me when I was of a young age. Back then, I didn’t understand the point of creative question style but now I do. Creative question really helps us; it encourages students to read whole text book because we won’t be able to answer properly if we don’t have a good idea about the text book. So the type of people who used to ignore text books, now they have to go through every single point that is mentioned in the book. Also, we need outside knowledge besides text books which really helps the students to know more about everything. But as the time is going, we can clearly see that our teachers and students, at least a huge portion of them, don’t get the idea of creative question style at all. Sometimes the questions are so absurd in exams that students don’t even get the idea behind it. And also, most of the teachers can’t really understand the creative answers students write down on their exam papers. So they just overlook everything and somehow number them measuring how many pages the students have written. Creative question style demands answers which will be short but will hold the main ideas. But our teachers have changed the whole meaning of the style. As a result, it’s also seen that students have been dependent on guide books and are losing their creative power to answer creative questions. And on top of that, the government is somehow increasing the number of creative questions in SSC and other board exams and students are frustrated over this because they don’t get enough time to answer properly. The whole reason of creative question style is to expand the thinking power and creativity of the students. But because of some teachers and unjust rules of educational department of government, the students are getting frustrated over this style and questioning the whole system. So according to my opinion, we need more experienced, trained and thoughtful teachers who understand the system properly and can make the students understand the theme of creative question style.

Abul Khaer
Govt. Saadat University College, Tangail.

AbulTO ENSURE quality education in secondary level, the government and relevant authorities introduced a creative question system. This system is based on broad analysis of any specific topics which helps to develop students a better ability of thinking, applying that knowledge thus acquiring higher analytical skills. But ironically, it has become cause of apprehension for a large share of students due to not having quality and well trained teachers on specific subjects in many institutions. Apart from some educational institutions, many teachers are still untrained that’s why they feel confused during the teaching time. They are also unable to make creative question and in most cases they resort to guide books and other low quality study materials. When a teacher seeks help from guidebooks at the time of making creative question, it is impossible to teach creative ideas on a creative question. As a result, many students feel flustered while answering creative questions due to the lack of adequate knowledge. In my opinion, it is imperative to arrange training for specific subject teachers thus equipping them with adequate apparatus to teach students properly.

Istiaque Ahmed

University of Dhaka

IstiaqueSRIJONSHIL translates to creative and by creative it means that it should allow a significant scope for creation. It is nothing but a practical joke. To answer creative questions properly, one must go through the question paper, think about his answers and make a draft of it. But it is considered a suicide in these days because if this strategy is followed, students will not be able to finish their answers in time. Moreover, the questions are really lengthy and exhausting. The teachers can do nothing but to suggest pen brands for writing faster. This question type is nothing but an advanced form of testing one’s memory.

Afrida Ahmed Hridee
University of Dhaka

HrideeI appeared in the SSC examination five years ago but still I get irritated whenever I recall those ‘Srijonshil’ questions. It is not like that the questions were difficult to answer but I found them irrelevant at times. To be honest they are not creative enough and most importantly the school teachers are not trained enough to handle such styles. They still do teach in the same traditional way but when it comes to making questions for exams they try to make it hard and difficult and thus the questions get out of the track as well as the answers. At times they also copy stems directly from test papers which reflects their inability of being creative. Thus students become anxious and instead of being creative they start to depend more on text books and test papers. Moreover, teachers are not well aware of how to evaluate the answers and their shortcomings are seen in the poor marks obtained by the students. So I personally feel that both teachers and students need more training and practice otherwise this system should not continue anymore.



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