Memories with our mothers

Mother a single word which recalls a gushing of memories, mostly sweet and cherishable. Motherhood holds values of equal stature in all cultures, religions and societies. On the backdrop of Mother’s Day, New Age Youth asked students to share a precious memory with their mother.

Adrita Roy

Birshrestha Noor Mohammad Public College, Dhaka.

AdritaEVERYDAY with my mother is like a day in heaven. I really don’t know what I will do without my mother. There are so many beautiful memories with maa that I cherish. I remember one memory clearly. During my childhood, I was suffering from malnutrition. So I was immediately admitted into the hospital. I was of six years that time. After my release from the hospital, maa took me to home and I was still very weak. She asked me on that morning what I wanted to eat. I replied that I wanted to have scrambled egg. My mother went to make that breakfast and I was just lying there on the bed when suddenly I felt like I was blacking out and the next thing I knew I was losing my senses. Maa came to check up on me and when she saw my eyes rolled and I fainted she screamed loudly. My elder sister was crying, maa was telling me not to leave her and I could hear them but couldn’t respond to them. Hearing all the commotions, all the people around our area came to my house and then quickly ushered me to the hospital while my maa was crying profusely. I thought it was the end. But after several days of my maa crying and taking care of me, I cured. When I was released from the hospital for the second time, I said to my maa, ‘I still didn’t get to eat that scrambled egg. Did you make that for me?’ My maa cried while laughing, ‘Whatever you want to eat, I will make it for you. Just don’t scare me like that. Okay?’ I understood that time how much I have caused pain to my mother and how much she really loves me. I love my mother. Maybe I don’t say it often, but I really do love her. Every night, though I am older now, I can’t sleep without her arms around me. I love you, maa. Always and forever.


Suha Hussein

Cordova Int’l School. 

suhaMOTHER’S Day was in the last week and unlike most teenagers like myself, I could not spend it with my mother. You see, I come from a broken family– my parents are separated and I live with my father. Although I am quite content and grateful for the life I have, it’s often that I miss my mother. I think that a Mother’s Day is worth the celebration. Because it’s not every day that we get to tell our mothers exactly how much they mean to us; how grateful we are for their efforts to build our character and integrity. Now that I don’t get to see my mother every day after I wake up and before I go to sleep, I think my best memory with her are the afternoons we used to spend together watching soap operas with some crackers and tea. To me, every day I had spent with her is a memory I now cherish. I would give anything to have those afternoons back. So go ahead and give your mother a hug today. She deserves it and you too.



Humayra Jahan

Western Michigan University

humayra-finalEVERY moment spent with mom has become a memory to cherish no matter how insignificant it was. When I was a kid, she used to pretend to catch me when I crawled on my knees around the entire house. She made up stories about the king and queen because she knew those were the stories that would make me finish most of the food. And then again, she would give me some dry ingredients to cook for her to which she would always reply ‘delicious’. As I grew up a little, she taught me how to hold a pencil, how to read and how to write. She has cooked my most favorite dishes and kept the greatest portion for me, took me shopping where we bought matching outfits and not to forget all the sleepless nights she had spent with me during my exams, either making me coffee or constantly sitting beside me to ensure I did not fall asleep. Then there were days when she would scream at me for being so lazy, put up with my temper tantrums, tease me on my actions to which I would backfire and tease back and the cycle went on and on. But, in the end we would embrace each other in the most loving hugs and laugh till we cry at the levels of craziness we had both reached. Now, all she does is call me up twice everyday being thousands of miles apart only to ask if I had my meals on time. And after one whole hour, we would still be deep in conversation, revealing each and every detail of our lives before we would hang up exchanging ‘I love you’.

Al Kaviul Sarker Tanzim

University of Rajshahi
TanzimEach and every moment I have been  with my mother either was a beautiful memory or life lesson somehow. So it is very difficult for me to depict one such specifically. But I have to share this one. When I was a kid even before going to school, I used to go with my mom to attend her classes at the University of Rajshahi. And whenever her roll came, I responded putting my hands on her mouth, with a ‘yes ma’am’ or ‘yes sir’. The whole class burst into laughter. It became a conditioned response from a flexible one. Whenever I did that, the whole class started. At first, my mother felt it a bit too awkward to have me with her. But later; the whole scenario changed. She started enjoying my company because I made her the focal point of the classroom. Even the teachers took me on their lap while they were teaching to help my mom during the class hours. And my father was so supportive too. He arranged every probable comfort for my mother at the university. But I know how much she struggled to raise me up beside her study being a wife in a political joint family. She cried after a whole day of house hold chores prior to the exam at night but my father convinced her and made her memorise the answers of the questions of her course study. She has seen happiness and I have learned from her how to find it. We have been through extreme crisis but she never let us know but taught me to survive. She has been through immense grief but she has made me the prince of charms.



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