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We live in a society where an individual’s every action, decision and feeling are judged by other people. With the advancement of social media, this judging and comparing game has gone way too far. An individual, after being judged for trifle matters, often feels downgraded. This could happen alternatively. Riasat Raihan writes about the significance of self-respect, importance of following own instinct and how to overcome negative situations in life.    
0511ecce0c696c427244d8d152c5fa258bac88-wmIF I am asked what would be my first choice of four wheels, my immediate answer would be ‘Lamborghini’. But can I afford it?  Hell NO!  This is exactly the same with people.
All my life, I had this feeling of being everyone’s last choice or option. I still do. No matter what I do for them, I will be their last option. Sometimes I ask myself, is it really important to be someone’s first choice? Will it make me feel any better?
Well I don’t know. But what I do know is that for me, what really matters the most, is what I think of myself. First of all I believe there are only two types of people living in this world. One with a strong emotional character and the other one with a weak emotional caliber, we call the later emotionally sensitive. I am very sensitive and very emotional-both at the same time. I mean, very much. Those who are still reading my article now, you guys maybe thinking ‘Oh what a looser!’  Well, here is the thing. There is no such thing call losing if you think that you are the only one in the race!
Why is it easy to love or to value others but we can’t love ourselves as easily as we might love someone else? It is because, we don’t possess the ability to see ourselves objectively, do you ever think of that?  But if one can try, then it is possible. Suppose, when we look at pictures of someone or some things, it may or may not match with our thoughts. When it doesn’t match, we feel a disconnection between ourselves and the reality of these things or pictures or even persons. We simply say that it doesn’t sound like me. By this, anyone might say that we cannot perceive ourselves what we truly are. But I strongly disagree with that. It took me 23 years of my life to learn how to love myself and lose all the doubts and be a winner in my own eyes. But then again it’s better late than never. I have learnt that the person I’ve become is the result of the choices I’ve made during my life journey, all my mistakes included. It gives me the sense of relief so that I can accept what I am now today so that I can love myself. By doing this, I can forgive my self-judgments. All now I look into is the future and I look forward to what I will create next.
As I said before, lose all the doubts about yourself. There is a high chance of losing when we doubt ourselves. Doubt is the foundation of self-destruction. That’s why I adapted the feeling that the decisions I’ve made while having doubts are the best decisions of my life, because, I have already learnt to accept situations positively whatever the result is.
We all are taught that we need to listen to our hearts and minds every time.  But, if you think closely, there is a thing inside you, apart from your thoughts and feelings. That is your instincts. We can listen to our instincts only after we calm our feelings and thoughts down. It took me so much time to listen to my instincts as it requires so much time and patience. One thing I can tell you for sure, instincts will never led you to astray!  Once you listen to your inner instincts and start doing accordingly, remember our inner voice can be a blessing or the worst critic. But we should not let ourselves beat down. We should not blame ourselves for petty thoughts. Just free yourself and start encouraging yourself whenever negative vibes pop in your mind.
It actually takes strong determination to prove yourself to you that you are worthy. For me it’s the greatest challenge a human being can face. For this, the foremost thing you need to do is to stop thinking about others. Then you can take the first step to win over yourself. People will try to cut down on your motivation or they will try to let you down but don’t worry about them. Just listen and trust your instincts. It really doesn’t matter what people actually think about you. Really it doesn’t. Once you learn to see yourself objectively, then you will tell yourself that ‘What’s up with the funny people man?’
There are more things to do in this world rather than over thinking about what others feel about you. And after all the hard work, when you finally reach the state of mind where you see yourself as the worthy one in your own eyes. You don’t need me to tell you what you will feel. You will get to know yourself, eventually.
Riasat Raihan is a member of the New Age Youth team.


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