World Environment Day-2018

World Environment Day 2018 is on June 5. New Age Youth have asked students to share their thoughts on this day. Many have put importance on developing government’s involvement in environmental issues. Some save blamed our own practices for the environmental pollution whereas, many have emphasised on planting more trees. All have agreed that it is us who should come forward to save our own environment.

Md Zobayer Hossain Taki

Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology

Taki-1‘BEAT Plastic Pollution’ being the theme of World Environment Day 2018, reminds us of increasing plastic pollution in Bangladesh as well as around the globe. Now the world is looking forward to attaining SDG (sustainable development goals) where environment holds a vital role. As an engineering student, I can see an increasing number of students taking their major in environmental engineering in Bangladesh every year. Some of the ongoing researches in our country like ‘plastic brick for construction’, ‘underwater pollution by plastic waste’ are really showing hope. So it’s time to get rid of single use plastics, promoting alternate materials and recycling plastics to save our nature for future.

Taiyeba Hossain


TaiyebaWORLD Environment Day comes every year promoting awareness and actions that shield the environment with. This day is adopted to advocate environment causes. The theme changes every year illuminating a particular concern to be taken in account, this year’s theme is ‘beating plastic pollution’. We all are very familiar with the abuse of plastic and how it affects our nature and lives in long run. After use, we dump plastic bags and bottles and invite plastic pollution, subsequently environmental hazards. With immediacy we are to take down plastic use as it gives rise to serious pollution. Another alternative could be constant recycling of plastic items. This year the host country is India where with official celebrations, the environmental changes it faces will be highlighted. Bangladesh, with the succor of its youth can promote awareness, held campaigns and come forward to establish a change. Our country can support the effort of seeking a change that is being seemed throughout the world.

Adrita Roy

Birshrestha Noor Mohammad Public College

AdritaTHE way environmental pollution is increasing day by day especially in Bangladesh, I think World Environment Day on June 5 can play a vital role in reforming the present condition of our environment. It is not possible only in one day though. We have to work hard days after days and hands in hands to save our world. Otherwise, we ourselves will be destroying our home earth by pollution. So on this day, I think the government should raise awareness among the mass by arranging various types of environment friendly activities like planting trees, keeping our environment clean, less using of machines and such. I believe if we act upon this huge problem, we will be able to save the world. So the importance of World Environment Day is probably beyond words and the people of the earth need to work on this day’s aimed activities though not only on this day, but every day. The main aim of World Environment Day is to protect our environment from any type of harm and everyone should ensure it.

Saleh Ahmed
University of Dhaka

SalehBANGLADESH, one of the worst sufferers of environment change, is undergoing the most critical time. We should at least plant a tree per month, be aware at our personal level in the matter of waste management and safety of the environment. It should be our oath on Environment Day that we ourselves shall save our environment.

Syeda Sharika Arafin Swarna

National University

SharikaEnvironment is the most important thing for our survival. Unfortunately, we barely care about it. We need oxygen to breathe, carbon dioxide needs to be removed which is done for us by the trees. We intentionally make our environment polluted through practices like throwing waste everywhere, abusing natural resources and over industrialisation. I think, if we use designated spots to dispose our waste, our environment won’t be dirty at all. We can use bins. We can also make plan to plant trees, using recycling plastics and to take waste management seriously. That’s how we can reduce pollution. Thus the World Environment Day will be successful. So we should make our move to make a fresh and healthy environment. Challenge yourself to make a little short step towards protecting your environment.

Sofia Kamal
United International University

SofiaWORLD Environment Day is a much needed day for our country. We have a small country with a huge population. So it is already difficult to maintain favourable situation for most of the people. We can’t blame our government for that. Self consciousness is mandatory here. We should stop blaming and start doing something which can help saving our environment. For example – our government has been providing dustbin in each and every corner of the road but we aren’t using it. We should use it regularly and suggest others the same. Besides, we should also focus on tree planting. Sometimes we need to cut trees for multiple usages. If we are cutting down one tree we should plant one more against it. For the sake of our environment, we should start celebrating the environment day every day instead of one single day by avoiding miscellaneous activities, spreading awareness and taking our responsibilities seriously.

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