Express yourself the Bengali way

New Age Youth reviews Comoyo – the first messenger app made – available on Google Play Store that lets you use the most colloquial expressions with friends while chatting

011Rudro Mohammed Shahidiullah’s popular lyric ‘Bhalo achhi bhalo theko, akasher thikanay chithi likho!’ was his expression of love and romanticism, but the statement has become truer than ever on this day in the age of internet.
It started out with simple text-based emails. Now it has spread out over a plethora of communication platforms that allow you to express yourself in the most creative of ways. That, however, is old news.
Bengali youngsters have already adopted these tools in their day-to-day routines. WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Snapchat and others – they use them all. But for many users there is still something missing in these messenger apps. These apps are mostly developed in the west, which means a huge chunk of the youth is deprived of their favourite – uniquely Bengali – ways of expressing themselves when they communicate digitally.
Enter Comoyo! The first messenger app made specifically with Bangladeshi youth in mind. Comoyo calls itself the ‘Khati Bangali Messenger’ (Pure Bengali Messenger), and it lives up to that name in every way possible, from design right down to execution. But the best part about Comoyo is not its interface, nor its group and voice messaging features and quirky Bangla vernacular. It is the huge range of culturally relevant and vibrant stickers that allow you to express yourself in the most Bengali ways possible.
012The stickers come in different sets tailored to fit the personalities and daily living aspects of a Bangladeshi youth’s life. There are stickers for the ‘lover-boy’ type (Cool Shoriful), the ‘bubbly vibrant girl’ type (Baby Doll), the ‘bhabi’ type, and many more. Comoyo also has an array of contextual stickers that cover a wide variety of Bangladeshi situations and elements like daily hangouts, winter time conversations, popular proverbs, local sayings, and others.
Comoyo is an app for regular Bangladeshis to express themselves fully and seamlessly in the digital age. So if you are the shy kind or the sort who would like to stick to your own culture, Comoyo lets you keep at it. You can download it for free from Google Play. The app is a product of Telenor.

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